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  1. I'm sorry pete, I'm out. Just having nothing but problems at the minute, don't think I can chance driving it so far, still needs a lot of work
  2. Is my name down pete? Work in progress though!
  3. The alarm is made by scorpion, I used to fit them years ago. The frequency may be strong but every now and then have to be adjusted to synchronise it back to the main receiver
  4. If you take the front cover off you'll see a little adjusting screw top right, opposite to the led. Stand near the car, press the button and gradually adjust the screw till it works. The frequency will have gone slightly out
  5. Half finished Golf match! Doubt it somehow, but will be there to have a look round
  6. I'm still struggling with this, just found that the powerflex bush had like an inner insert inside of the other insert. Can somebody shed some light
  7. These are flo flex, just come with the collar that pushes through the middle then the bolt goes through. They said they've never had a problem. So I could be missing something either off the bolt or subframe? The bolts screw into the chassis fine.
  8. Hi guys, not been on here for a long time but I'm rushing now to get my Golf built up so it's rolling. I'm after some advise, I've just fitted some new poly bushes to the front wishbones but the rear bolt slops around in the insert. The manufacturer said the internal diameter of the metal insert is 17mm, but my bolt is only about 10mm? I'm pretty sure it's the same bolt that came out, it had powerflex on before so I've checked those and seem the same! Have I got the wrong bolts? Short of going to a scrapper and taking some out of another car to check I don't know. Before I took the car off the
  9. Hi pal, I will be there looking about but the Golf is still in bits. Prob won't be on the road till the end of August.
  10. Could just be from when you filled it, it settles round the cap thread and comes out the overflow, just drive it and keep checking the level when cold
  11. I'm having to leave it, really sorry. Funds don't allow me to get the car done in time
  12. They run very very hot and under high pressure which in turn causes the leaks they have. And take the cap off when hot that will happen
  13. And mine is literally a bare shell at the minute! But some hard graft will be ready in time
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