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  1. No didn't ask, will make a point to next time i speak with them. But now they want a picture of the set up. And for the MAF the kit came with one. The kit was the CTS turbo complete so this kit comes with the c2 tune which is apparently tailor made for the specs. Ill keep you guys posted on what they say after the pics. Who knows maybe the installers decided to pocket the actual kit MAF housing or other stuff and slapped in a crappy counter-part
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for all the help so far @Poriordian, UnitedMotorsport, michael5556 I had this car stock and had all this done a few months ago. I had contacted C2 and they said that removing the ECU would not be beneficial to most MK4s!! Either way i had the codes read again at a shop and the codes that popped up are: P1143 - Load calculation signal too high P1128 - Long term fuel trim B1 too lean P1136 - Lean fuel P0140 - O2 Sensor circuit No activity detected (bank 1 sensor 2) So im glad the crank sensor one didn't reappear. But regardless im getting it looked at by a local euro
  3. Just saw this on VWVortex not sure if this will help. I am going to try this as well because somewhere along the post there a guy from C2 Motorsports says to remove O2 sensor. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1755023 But do i unplug the actual sensor or the leads? i feel if i unplug the sensor id get a whole wack of exhaust smells inside the cabin.
  4. @poriordian Thanks for the info, Ill look into a Wideband O2 Sensor for my set up, any suggestions guys? To be honest i cant remember if the MAF housing from the kit was 3" or 4" i have to double check but i asked a friend and he said that most of the time its the bloody MAF or MAF housing that causes those codes to come up. Ill re-check and get back to you guys. Thanks
  5. @michael 5556 thanks for the welcome. No I do not. I believe it is still using the stock O2 sensors. Is this usually recommended for these set ups? I thought the tuning of the ECU would take care of the A/F ratio. Another thing i forgot to mention is that on fresh/cold starts the car starts and idles rough (revving high and back low intermittently). Would i be right in assuming this would probably be a result of the A/F reading rich. Thanks
  6. Hi All, New to the forum and to the dub scene to be honest so please forgive me if i don't get all the technical things in my explanation right!! Ok so my car is a MK4 12v VR6 with around 214 000 KMs. I just got it boosted with a stage 1 CTS turbo kit @ 210 000 KMs. Prior to installing the kit, I got a CPS error code and overheating issues which were all fixed when I replaced the Lifters (with new) & Fan Control Module, then after this CEL was off and I was able to pass emission test (Ontario OBDII test). After the Turbo Install if driven in traffic, after a little while the en
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