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  1. Hey Guys, A bit of a lamo post but thought I would just ask. I'm looking to fit a set of BBS CH 18" alloys on my 2003 V6 4Motion. Just some advice on sizing and what fits best. Obvious stud size must be 5x100 but not sure what will fit best with a 18x8 vs 18x8.5? also it comes with a 30mm Offset? Any advice would be awesome. Thanks
  2. Thanks Nex, So far i removed all the coil packs, removed the piping between the air cleaner and the throttle, disconnected all leads cleaned then sprayed with WD40 and left the dry for 2 hours. ( i was sure this would fix the problem) but i did not. I have replaced the MFA before in this car 4 years ago. do you think the MFA would work fine above 3000 RPM and give issues below that? what i also don't under stand is that when the EPC light is on the car starts runs and idles fine. if it was a coil-pack or the MFA surely it would be a permanent problem. Thanks again for any help.
  3. Hey Guys, So a few days ago I was on the motorway and hit 2 big puddles of water. The car was fine for about 10 mins. It then jerked to which i noticed the EPC and ESP lights come on. I carried on driving as all seemed OK. After a while when I was on a down hill (so foot off the throttle) I saw the EPC light go off but ESP still remaining on. When I again pushed the throttle for a second there was no power and then jerked and the power came back in and the EPC light returned. When i came off the motorway the car would not idle and die. If i start the car and rev it up (above 3000) i can dr
  4. Dude you are right, The Agents have screwed me. Thay gave me the wrong diagram!! If i wanted to replace the side shaft seal, would that mean gear box out?
  5. Sigh, Hey guys ever had the feeling you've started something you cannot finish? That's exactly how I feel. I'll start from the beginning. About a week ago I was in my usual sprightly mood in my 4Mo and pulled off from a standing start (quite violently) going through gears 1-3 and then slowing for a traffic light. No problem. When the light turned green and I pulled off I heard the worst sound you could imagine. Almost like a crunch and then something engaging jolting the car. I immediately pull over and checked for leaks and to see what I could see which was nothing. Some mates and I jacked t
  6. That's the one Bungy shot. What actually happened was the drivers side inner cv ( not the cv itself but that whole piece that connects to the gear box had pulled about an inch out. You could actually see the seal. I took it too a cv joint specialist who picked it up quickly and then hammered it back in so. The car was only rear wheel drive until this was nocked back. So it thought cool but what was stopping it from pulling out again so checked ETKA and saw that there are washers a spring and a cerclip gone as they should have never been able to hammer the shaft back in. My question is has an
  7. My Gear Box has a spline with a pin in the middle. Not sure what size it is though. Can anyone help. Bungy?
  8. Thanks Bungy but I'm a bit far, South Africa far Did you make the tool yourself or can you buy it somewhere. Don't you recommend takin out the sump plug?
  9. Thanks, for that. How would I check for a blockage? Where should I start? I take it loosing compression is a big problem but is this a tell tail sign of bigger problems to come and if so what kind of problems? Ill start by making sure the oil level is correct and not over fill and then clean the breather and see how it goes. Im not quite sure how to drop the oil level. I asume just open the sump plug for a second and have more oil to top up as needed?
  10. Hi Guys, Few days ago i noticed couple drops of oil on the driveway were my 2003 4mo parks. I knew something was up when i smelt oil burning. I just found the problem and im hoping its not too serious. There is a breather pipe (quite thick) that runs from left side of the head to the air intake pipe just before the throttle. Now oil is leaking through that pipe into the air intake pipe and from there dripping onto my exhaust. What would cause this? On checking my oil level its full even after a couple of days. could there be too much oil? or is it something far worse. I use castrol. and have n
  11. Cheers Bungy, Am i gona get better stability with a R32 ARBs and drop links? I think replacing the drop links is a simple enough job but is it a mission replacing the bushes on the ARB. Just trying to find out if i can do the job on my own or fork out for it. Im In Kent, town call Sidcup. P.s Do you still have the Cream leather and wallnut trim? I have the same but i wana change the wallnut to brushed aliminum. do you know anyone who has pics?
  12. Guys, I basically wanted you opinion on Power Flex bushed. I have a rattling noise coming from the passanger side front . I've had it jacked up cant see any abvious signs of the problem. However when i hade the car serviced last november the dealers do a diagnostic which they mentioned " anti roll bar link bushes broken" So im asuming this is the rattle and i hear its a common problem. So I wanted to get Power flex Bushes but wanted to hear what people thought of them before i go down this road. P.S My engine temprature sensor is bust. can anyone tell me the part number for the new "Green one
  13. I know this is a bit off the topic but any does any one know about the Haldex Performance Controller and if anyone has tested this. I have been reading up about this and all looks pretty good so far. Any Ideas? http://www.amdtechnik.com/product.details.cfm?ProductID=643&VariantID=70&ReferenceID=5942
  14. Thought Id make you feel even better by letting you know I paid £7000 for mine I know iknow im mental but when i got it, it had 58K and was imaculate. 2003,black, cream leather(perfect) 2 door, sunroof, winter pack engine is a dream ect ect. I know i got ripped but i dont care. yours is a steal though, nice
  15. Hey Guys, I actually have 2 questions. My first is i am looking for a set of Audi A8 alloys 18" x 8.5" for my 4 motion. Now I think i may be asking to much to to cover them with 225 tyres as they have 245 on usually also the width might be too wide and i dont really want it to touch. Here is what they look like.FYI these are not the 17" that come on a TT My Second Question is Has anyone hade there 4 motion test remapped? I was at the GTI International 09 and REVO was out in full force. I know it gives better throttle response and lower down torque but has any one put it on a Dyno or 0-60 or
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