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Found 12 results

  1. Hello fellow vr6 owners, I have a few questions, and could use some input- it'd be much appreciated. I can no longer shift my mk3 into gear with the engine on, but when the engine is off, I can get it into 1st, reverse, etc, just fine. I checked all the linkages, and the shifter is in mint condition. I did notice that my clutch pedal feels softer, and lower to towards the firewall than normal. I figured the signs are pointing towards the clutch slave cylinder being kaputt, so I let my mk3 sit for a couple of days for that part to come in. I replaced the clutch slave cylinder yesterday, ble
  2. I recently pulled my motor on my 2002 vw golf vr6 because there was a knocking noise and I thought it was a bent rod or something, I pulled it completely out and pure stupidity on my end I didn't unbolt the oil pan and check if it was a spun bearing so when I pulled everything out I pulled the oil pan (I know pure stupidity) but it happens, checked the beating and on the first cylinder the bearing was shredded I had purchased eagle rods with 5/16th arp bolts thinking I had to replace the rods but I changed the bearings put it all back together torqued everything down and out the motor back in,
  3. Hi guys. I've been given an R-Reg (97) MK3 2.8 VR6 Golf. 99k miles on the clock with I think 4 previous owners. Unfortunately it had been sitting on a driveway for around 2.5 years with little to no movement, however previous to this had passed it's MOT with no advisories. Around 4 months ago I took it for an MOT, and it failed on: - Suspension Arm has excessive play in a pin/bush nearside front - Suspension Arm attachment bracket/mounting insecure [bolt] - Front CV joint gaiter damaged to the extentent that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt. - ABS warning light (th
  4. I bought a 97 Jetta with a vr6 that someone pulled to do a clutch and timing chain. They got the engine and trans put back together and then got bored and sold it to me to finish. I've come quite a ways on the project but I've had a couple problems. I'm making this thread to hopefully get some help and document my project along the way. Right now my main issue is that there is a threaded hole in the intake manifold at the front left corner of the engine and I don't know what it's for. Could you guys please help me out? I'll post a picture as well
  5. just got a vr6 was told its a highline but its in dragon green and has full cream grey interior its a 1998 model can any one help,and was looking for my old vr6 l41vll if anyone nows if its still around many thanks
  6. I've come across a VR6 I like and want to offer on it. Only issue is, they showed me this image. Does anyone know if I would be able to fix this myself (must be fairly easy, if too complicated then I probably wouldn't.) Or how much it would cost to fix? I heard this could fail an MOT but, apparently it had it's MOT in the past few weeks.
  7. Im trying to source this part.... BUT. I simply cannot fathom what its called, which kinda hinders progress Its the 2 pieces of plastic which run under windshield to catch rainwater and cover the fans air intake and windscreenwiper motor. Please help im being a pleb a and cant think. Cheers guys and gals
  8. I'm looking to make my vr6 louder, I've got a 6-2-1 to put on, a decat milltek system which pops flames on red line revving. I wanted to delete the centre box with http://www.bastuck.de/00reloaded/media/pict/FAK_5002000300100110.png but I'm finding it difficult to source this kind of pipe. I don't really want to spend a lot of money best part of £80? please let me know if you have any ideas!
  9. Ive got the dash out and steeringwheel off etc. But I now cannot acces the housing unit to remove my faulty matrix. Im stuffed as I dunno where to go from here and really dont wsnt to take it to a garage ( Someone please help ne on what I should do from here to get the housing out so I can see the internals to fix my leak. Thank you!! this one is inside as far I can see
  10. Had a typical rear leaky drivers side footwell. Plugged a leaky pipe from the sunroof drain which was front left, bu that leaked into the dash. Dried carpet and underkay out. A month later its wets again. Not around the edges of the footwell, slapbang in the middle? Couod this be a whole?? Didnt feel one. Heard about a vent which sputters into this footwell, just wondered how you check this to be the culprit too Cheers people
  11. I have a 97 golf vr6. I recently had all my mounts replaced front, rear and gearbox just originals from GSF as I couldn't afford the vibra technics ones. When I look at car from the front my engine sits high at the back left sloping to the front right. I never noticed if it was like this before my mounts were replaced and needed some help as to whether this is right or indicates a problem with mounts or their fitting??? When I had the mounts fitted I also had the steering rack and the clutch changed, and I fitted powerflex bushes to the wishbone. I had a number of bumps and creaks that these
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