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  1. Evening folks, Need some assistance please. I’m on the final stages of getting my AUE 2.8 24v into my Corrado. I done a trial fit today as I’m doing it without much research and found the drivers engine mount nowhere near lines up to where it should bolt in. Any advice, do I need another engine mount from elsewhere? Help much obliged.
  2. Hi All, Been doing a fair bit of browsing around here for a while now and decided it was time to join up and post some bits I'm still in need of knowing. I've had my 16v Corrado for about a year now and as much as I love driving it, I've really been toying the idea of sticking a VR in it. I managed to purchase an AUE engine from a lad down in Devon at a bargain price of £50 although admittedly, it came with no ancillaries, looms or ECU etc. So has anyone on here used the AQP,AUE,BDF engine in their Corrado? Are the ECU's interchangeable on
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