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  1. Pad101

    Corrado long shot

    Ah no worries mate thanks for your help. If you come across any please drop me a message🙏 Cheers Pat
  2. Pad101

    Corrado long shot

    Yeah sounds about right to my relief and excitement I managed to find a way in😂 however, sadly nobody seems to have these bits at the moment😭 I'll just need to be a bit more patient!
  3. Pad101

    Corrado long shot

    Thanks man yeah I've got an account but having major problems logging in sometimes it works often it doesn't. I use the same autofill every time. Are there any admin users that have an account on here? Cheers Pat
  4. Possibly chancing my luck here looking for some parts for my Corrado which I'm currently restoring to factory. Anyone here breaking one? At present I'm looking for left tow eye cover for front bumper and the engine cover (VR6 DOHC) with more parts required going forward but looking at sorting these first for starters. Alternatively if you know anyone breaking one please let me know i'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Selling Schimmel SP263 cams for the VR6. As some of you may know these yield some excellent gains with the VR6 engine. They've covered 3k miles since new. I'm asking £300 + postage for the set.
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