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  1. Big Dub

    Used to love seeing the dubsport creations knocking around I used to go to school just up the road and remember seeing A17 UFO flying up and down the road. He has built some animals. He built a white caddy van with 2 S3 lumps in it as well a few years ago
  2. Mk4 vr6

    It turned out to be the ecu. I had to buy a second hand one from Germany for £100 then pay £100 to get it coded to the car. Seams to be spot on now ??
  3. Mk4 vr6

    Bought a new door mec that has sorted the puddle light and interior light but didn't do anything with the starting issues. Tried to change the fuel pump relay no: 409 and that hasn't worked so it's looking like an ecu fault ?
  4. Mk4 vr6

    Will let you know bud just fingers crossed it works ??
  5. Mk4 vr6

    ah I know what your saying bud. It's just with the fuel pump priming off the drivers door that is what was making me go in this direction. It needs a new door module anyway as the interior lights and puddle light don't work with the door open. It's got to be worth a shot. I'm not 100% this will fix it but it's another thing that does need fixing. It is giving me a PO605 code on the vag com
  6. Mk4 vr6

    No it runs sweet as a nut once it's running no missfires or power loss it's just hit or miss weather it will start again once turned off. I have ordered a door module and will let you know if it cures it
  7. Mk4 vr6

    It's doing my nut in lol she will start it up fine then go to the shop and when she comes out it won't start ? I'm more swayed to the door module due the the priming issue and it's prob the cheapest fix for now lol thanks for your info will also try looking into them ??
  8. Mk4 vr6

    Would this stop the fuel pump from priming? As I have noticed when the pump doesn't prime it won't start so if you keep trying and eventually you hear the pump prime it will start. I have also read if the door module is faulty this can stop it starting. Is this true? Thanks
  9. Mk4 vr6

    Hi all I'm having a prob with the mrs v6 4 mo intermittent starting I have plugged in my vag com and it's coming up with a control module prob. I have looked into the po605 code and ppl are saying about a 3" pipe in the ecm ( ecu ) does this sound familiar to anyone and is it an easy fix?
  10. vr6 bez

  11. Air Con Recharge

    that is great guys thanx i was gettin a bit worried thinking i have taken the front end off for nothing
  12. Which induction kit?

    i bought the corbonio kit and it reved up faster also with the decat pipe made hell of a difference, i would go corbonio all the way the only prob is that they have stopped making them now so you would have to get one second hand
  13. Air Con Recharge

    i have just changed my air con pump cos i was told that it wasnt workin, so i made sure everything was free and workin right but when i replaced the old one i have found that this one dont work ether as in when i switch it on the middle bit dont move round. does it have to have gas in it to work, i really hope so as i had to take the front end off to change it
  14. i am glad i have found this post i have just fitted some fk streets to my vr, whats the best way to set them up??? thanx
  15. hi all, my air con compressor has stuffed it, and i have aquired a replacement. could any one tell me how i go about replacing it or possibly send me a link to a guide. thanks wayne