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  1. Very helpful post and most interesting!! Thanks!! Would it be possible to expand into talking about transient response and characteristics, as well as power and reliability. I'm interested in finding out about good options for early spooling, quick responding turbos that would suit a 4mo bde engine. Not as concerned with ultimate numbers more real world performance and tractability with smooth consistent delivery throughout the Rev range. I'm reading as much as I can atmo.
  2. G2t

    CHN gearbox

    might have a chn code box, will check
  3. I`ll get some pics up, as it may be a mish mash, but it is an abv, with a coilpack, and the same maf as my mate has on his vr rado. Its got mk3 golf clocks and mk3 golf lighting loom, so it could be a rado lump in a mk2 run on mk3 loom and ecu..... I`ll get the numbers off the ecu too
  4. Hi Guys, Am in need of a bit of help please. I've just picked up a mk2 golf fitted with a 2.9 Vr conversion, its a coil pack obd1, its up and running, but will not idle, as soonas you let off the throttle, the revs drop like a stone and it cuts out. It doesn't seem to miss, or be reluctant to run. I've not had time to investigate yet, bar a quick check of the vac lines, but, not being very familiar with the ins and outs of the Vr, any help would be great. I'll keep this updated with what I find. Cheers
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