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  1. I don't I'm afraid, maybe I should invest in a cheap set see if it changes? Think the mag's ones have a 10 year warranty
  2. Once the car is warm, more of a stutter than a misfire, a good example would be slowing down to a junction, stopping and just as your about to pull away a stutter but then you can drive through he gears are normal and you won't feel it
  3. Ok, I have ran the car on idele wiggling them at the coil end and also the plug end, is there a better method to use to check them? Thanks for the help [emoji1360]
  4. It appears this issue is not solved, however it did go away for a good 3 weeks its back again ??‍♂️ So again New plugs New coil pack New blue temp sensor Throttle body cleaned Drives me mad, the car drives so well and then all of a sudden this stutter when pulling away it's so odd! Any help would be awesome [emoji1360]
  5. Cleaned the throttle body and to be honest it seems to have done the trick [emoji23][emoji1360]
  6. Cleaned the throttle body and to be honest it seems to have done the trick [emoji23][emoji1360]
  7. Have had a little search around but can't seem to find the answer, car has done a few miles but I try and maintain it to a high standard. Magnicor leads Just had iridium plugs Fitted new coil pack on Friday (which was cracked) But can't seem to solve this issue, best way to describe it is imagine your going to pull out of a junction normally and just apply slight throttle to pull away and you get a stutter. Annoying because you can drive to car right through the rev range and not Experience it. Car isn't heavily modified just de cat and a panel filter? Can anyone help?
  8. Few mk3's including mine will be there, I manage the branch and put the open day on, burger van, coffee, cake and lots to look at! cheers Olly
  9. I have a jetex system and de-cat will this all work together ok?
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