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  1. Radiator fan problem

    VAG COM (now called VCDS) won't help here - other than seeing what the ECU thinks the coolant temperature is. The radiator/fan system is simple - if one of the sensors thinks the coolant is too hot, turn the fan on. Your answer is in that post: you just have to follow the instructions on how to check each sensor in turn.
  2. Radiator fan problem

    It does sound like one of your temperature sensors is "iffy". There is a comprehensive post regarding the cooling system over on the-corrado.net: https://the-corrado.net/topic/38215-the-definitive-vr6-cooling-guide/ The post explains what the various sensors do and how to identify them (it makes reference to early and late VRs - yours would be late).
  3. Loss of traction

    I'm not familiar with the Mk4. You mention an EPC light? What is that? I would read any error codes and see if that suggests something. In fact, does EPC mean Electronic Pedal Control - Something on the brake pedal? https://uk-mkivs.net/topic/79835-epc-light/ ^ This thread indicates it could be the "switch" on the brake pedal or the car battery.
  4. Starting issue

    Hi Fleety, Any errors reported in the ECU? Your problem can only be fuel or spark (I guess air is fine?!). To check for fuel: Crank the engine (and if it doesn't start...) Take spark plugs out and see if they smell of fuel. If they do you must have fuel getting to the cylinder(s). If you don't, you need to investigate why. To check for spark: Remove a spark plug and ground the outside and re-connect the HT lead. Crank the engine and see if you can see a spark across the contacts. To fine tune the actual problem, will take more effort. From memory, there is a Relay on top of the fusebox which turns the fuel pump on. If you are not getting fuel it could be this not contacting properly - may have dirty contacts? Many be just broken? Another fuel related one is the immobiliser, but the engine runs for a few seconds before dying for that. Report back with your initial investigation...
  5. Reverse camera install.

    Snap the light cluster out to get to the bulbs and trace the connection back? If you have a multimeter you can pop the car in reverse with the ignition on and check for 12v across the pins you suspect. If you don't have a meter, try a 12v bulb with some long wires on...
  6. OBD1 and OBD2

    Hi Xolani, On board diagnostics started out being primarily engine emission control. The later version OBD-2 specifies the diagnostic socket (by the ashtray on this model) plus other standard functions. The connector in earlier versions could be anything suitable.
  7. Cooloing system issues

    Also... VR6Pete wrote a good Cooling System overview here:
  8. Cooloing system issues

    Hi, Have you tried squeezing the top hose with your hand? Try it with the engine off and it will be squidgy. Idle the engine and you should feel more resistance than before. More resistance and the pump is pumping - if its the same, investigate the water pump. If still in doubt undo one of the coolant pipes to the throttle body and try briefly with the engine on? If coolant is pumping, it should pump out...
  9. You are correct about the engine speed sensor: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/00513 - see Special Notes Your cause is probably the O2 sensor: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/00525 This is where you should start investigating. You may need to clean it? Then check the Camshaft position sensor: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/00515 Good luck!
  10. Given your good compression, the piston rings/bores and valves are sealed well. So where is the oil coming from?? Take the inlet manifold off and see if it is full of oil? Is the breather blocked or is there too much oil in the sump?
  11. Some pointers in the Ross Tech wiki - if you have VCDS: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/VW_Golf/Jetta/Bora_(1J/9M)_Immobilizer
  12. Something missing?

    Hi Mikhoo, The battery is missing!! The small round connect (last photo) and purple centred plug (second photo) look like they could be from an after-market alarm or something - it doesn't look factory VW. From memory - the only things around that area on the engine are: Cam sender (three pin) next to rear cam wheel Auxiliary water pump (on back or engine - under the large engine wiring connector) Distributor/coilpack (coil pack uses a five pin connector, I've never seen the distributor version) Remove the engine plastics and you will see a bit more... Phil
  13. knock sensor part numbers

    Hi Lee, 021 905 377 knock sensor with wiring harness 500MM white Model data: ABV Item 8 here: http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/COR/year/1995/drive_standart/76/hg_ug/906/subcategory/204000/part_id/3704672/lang/e#sec_9 Heritage have them listed at £26.40 each https://www.vwheritage.com/021905377-knock-sensor-for-vr6-vw-spare
  14. VR6 lower timing case seal

    Part number '068198171' is a repair kit: http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/COR/year/1995/drive_standart/76/hg_ug/103/subcategory/2030/part_id/3685688/lang/e#sec_17 VW Heritage list the Repair kit at £40: https://www.vwheritage.com/051198011a-crankcase-gasket-set-16v-most-9a-vw-spare You could try your local dealer - you may be surprised/horrified at the price - but still worth an ask?
  15. R32 mk3

    Keep scrolling down... You are looking for g3vr6ecu95on.pdf - this describes the OBD2 engine wiring for the Mk3. This document matched the wiring loom from a 1997 VR6. Also you would need to look for one representing the Mk4 - maybe g4bdeecu.pdf ?? Are you trying to put your Golf3 sensors on the new BHE engine (reasonably simple), or put the BHE engine and sensors/ECU/Immobiliser/clocks into your Mk3?