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  1. Cluster issues please help

    It sounds like it isn't the cluster! What do you mean be "everything dies" the minute you start? Does the engine run normally? Is it just the display that doesn't work when the engine is running? The lights and illumination are separate to the engine instrumentation. If you search t'internet for a PDF named g3vr6ecu95on.pdf, you should find a 10 page PDF describing the OBD2 engine wiring for the Golf3/Vento. The cluster is depicted on the last two pages. You could mark up the lamps that are working on the diagram and trace the wires to find something common to all when the engine is running. There is a lot of information to absorb, so take your time, understand what the diagram is illustrating and be methodical. Don't forget we are supposed to enjoy tinkering with these beasts!!
  2. Sloppy gear selector

    Shaun, It could be you need to reset the gear selection mechanism? Try this: I've never done it... Good luck!
  3. MK4 12v VR6

    Hi, Replacing your chains is do-able by yourself - its just a lot of work. See here for the gist of what it involves: http://www.vaglinks.com/Docs/VW/MKIV/BethAndJames.com_VW_VR6_12V_TimingChainReplacement_DIY.pdf I thought there was a how-to on here, but I can't find it...
  4. Fuel pump

    Those identifiers are standard. 31 is battery -ve 30 is battery +ve 15 is ignition - by turning the key X is load reduction - essential bits, while cranking the starter
  5. Fuel pump

    The A2 resource site is your friend: http://www.a2resource.com/electrical/CE2.html The fuel pump relay is in the fuse box housing position 12 - bottom right. The fuel pump is between pins M/01 (0v) and M/02 (switched 12v via Fuse 18). The ECU activates the fuel pump by making pin 6 on the ECU low. This energises the fuel pump relay passing 12v to the fuel pump.
  6. Help needed please.

    Hi, If you are doing all that work, I would say to get the most recent engine you can. Please don't underestimate the work (and space) required - it is truly time and money sapping! If you want a MK3 VR6, why not just get one that runs already? You will have all the parts then. Even more so, if you want the 4motion drivetrain, get a MK4/MK5 as a base. There are plenty of turbo/supercharger modifications documented on here, so have a rummage around. Good luck!
  7. What are these plugs for?

    The yellow plug looks like it could be the connector to the large resistor for the sidelights. The black connector could be for the auxiliary water pump, which should stand upright on the bracket for the large round connector - under the black plastic cover.
  8. Help

    If you are up for an afternoon of work, you can take the inlet manifold off and then the engine cover, you should see the 'top' timing chain. Checking the lower timing chain requires the sump removed, (or gearbox & clutch off to expose the aluminium castings on that end). You could see if they are still in place, or they will be in the sump in a pile! Good luck.
  9. Vr6 fogs and indicators

    There is a chap on the-corrado forum who was doing reproductions of fog lights and indicators: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?101747-Fog-light-reproduction&p=1186474&viewfull=1#post1186474 I've not seen them, or bought them, so I don't know if they are any good...
  10. elec sunroof issue

    It should all be doable through the access panel (housing the interior light) - just how you manually closed it.
  11. elec sunroof issue

    The motor should just unscrew from the frame - two counter-sunk posi-drive screws from memory. Refitting requires you to set the motor to the parked position first: # Connect the electrical plug (don't mount the motor to the frame, yet) # Press the Open function - motor turns and stops (10 turns I think) # Press the Close function - the motor turns and parks # Disconnect the plug (so it doesn't move inadvertently) The motor is now set: re-fit it to the frame - ASSUMING the roof is in the closed position. Before investing in another motor, disconnect it from the frame and see if it moves on its own. The switch could be faulty. As the roof closed manually, the roof mechanism should be ok.
  12. headlamp switch backlight

    I've not done them on VWs, but on you can easily replace the backlight on Impreza switchgear using these 12v wire-ended bulbs: https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/12v-wire-terminal-type-bt43w Have a look, they could be similar?
  13. 1998 vw T4 2.8 vr6 transmission

    Does it not need a fluid change? http://www.deylan.co.uk/golf/096 Fluid Change/index.htm I've never done it though...
  14. Lambda Plug Missing Wires

    Look on t'internet for a document named g3vr6ecupre95.pdf - it should be a 10-page PDF describing the early Mk3 Golf VR6 engine wiring. Page 2 has the (G39) lambda connections: 1 red/white Relay on top of fusebox 2 brown earth 3 yellow ECU T68/42 4 white ECU T68/20
  15. Try OEM EPC. Find your car. As we are after sensors, select Electrics and scroll down for "senders on engine": http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/GOLF/year/2003/drive_standart/405/hg_ug/919/subcategory/919050/part_id/3708908/lang/e#sec_9 Don't blindly order them - check they are the correct ones with the parts chaps!