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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-Silicone-Radiator-Vacuum-Hose-Kit-For-VW-GOLF-GTI-MK3-VR6-2-8-2-9-V6-92-98-BK-/222256005486?hash=item33bf7d816e:g:WugAAOSw8gVX4Smc would the above be the Chinese kit people use? they some how say its different but is listed for a vr6. Thanks
  2. perfect, thanks for the advice mate appreicated
  3. i did see the Chinese ones but wasn't too sure on quality, will check out Merlin Motorsport may be easier to buy individual hoses.
  4. hahah i kind of gathered that hence the question hahaha Just wanted to know if all the pipes were different or just some of them. Mines a VRT so i will only be using some of the lower water pipes. LHD kits are a hell of alot cheaper over £100 of the samco kit. Most of it i am not gonna use and can not find the pipes individually.
  5. Is there any difference between LHD and RHD kits? Thanks
  6. think i see it up for sale a few years back
  7. i think the mk2 sunroof is smaller, but not 100% certain. they are made for a mk3 golf. They can also be made in carbon fiber for a little more.
  8. i will be having some sunroof blank panels made, if of interest to anyone drop me a message
  9. After being messed around by a company in Germany for 6 weeks, does any one know where i can get a sunroof delete panel for my mk3 golf track car? Thanks
  10. Hi All, On the look out for mint headlights with all tabs and adjusters in tact, not to worried about the glass as this will be replaced. Also want a front grill with all tabs in tact, colour doesn't mater. ideally close to London or willing to post Thank You
  11. Thanks for the replies, i was sent that wiring diagram on another forum and is spot on and just what i was looking for. Thanks for all the help guys
  12. hi Mate, i haven't had a look at it yet, wanted to get a diagram before looking into it. Will have a look and get back to you. Thank you for the info
  13. Hi all, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the fans on a obd2 vr6. Someone in the past has added a permanent live and i would like to put it back to factory so it is not running all the time. Thank you
  14. I have been with AA for over 10 years, i have never had an issue revoering cars, 95% of my cars have all been modified and extremely low in certain cases had to wait for a proper low loader and they had to swap trucks part way through due to being so far from home. I have heard of issues with RAC before but never once had a problem with AA.
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