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  1. Rear OS door

    I have a rear door which someone can have for free if they come & collect it. Left over from a purchase where I only needed the wiring loom, most parts are stripped off the door, see photos. The paintwork is not bad, a few scratches and chips. I can't tell if the colour is very dark blue or black! I have a Mystic Blue car and I'm sure this door is darker than that.
  2. Corrado VR6 ABS pump

    Certainly can. I’ll send a PM
  3. [SOLD] VR6 cylinder head bolts - Elring

    Hi there, Paul got there first so first refusal. Price is £6.49 through My Hermes. Pm me if you still want them and I’ll sort out payment details
  4. For sale is an ABS pump I had as a spare for my Corrado VR6. I've since changed the system to the mk3 Golf style so this is surplus to requirements. I've never had it fitted in my car so cannot say whether there are any fault codes on it or not, I'd recommend having it refurbished before trying to fit. Part number is 1H2 614 217 A. Collection possible from Coventry, willing to post at buyer's expense. It is fairly heavy so will cost quite a lot, looking for £25. Rich
  5. For sale is a complete set of Elring cylinder head bolts to suit both mk3 Golf and Corrado VR6. Unused, selling as ended up with a spare set somehow! Collection available, based in Coventry. Willing to post at buyer's expense. Looking for £15. Rich
  6. For sale are the seats and door cards from my VR6. Selling them as I have replaced them with leather. The car has done approx. 95k miles and the seats are in good condition. The driver's seat outer bolster is broken down slightly but the cloth is in tact and it's not too bad. The OSR door card has a split by the door handle as shown in the photos, this is hardly noticeable once fitted and door handle in place. As you can see on the front door cards there is one clip housing missing on each, I don't have a spare but if you could get hold of one it could be glued back in place, however they didn't cause me any issues when they were fitted. Collection only and I'm in Coventry. I'd like to sell the whole lot together and looking for £60. Rich
  7. B4 Passat ABS wiring & pump bracket

    Excellent. I'll await the photos, cheers pal
  8. Hi all I'm after some wiring from a B4 Passat with ABS.Specifically I want the wire from the ABS light to fuse box and the ABS pump to fuse box & sensors. Happy to take a whole engine/interior loom and split it myself if that's what it takes.Also after the bracket which mounts the pump onto the bulkhead.
  9. Louis

  10. Anyone local to Coventry happen to have a new spare one lying around that I could pick up tomorrow? Got a bit carried away today working on mine and it's the only part I hadn't bought in advance. Nowhere had one in stock unsurprisingly. If not I'll just wait til I can get one posted to put it all back together. Cheers Rich
  11. mk3 3 door side skirt strip end caps

    If you get no luck here try eBay VW parts int'l search golf mk3 sill cap. I got one from there, not cheap but they're OEM. The front caps are different to the rear by the way, the rear ones are actually attached to the sill trim strip that clips on the full length of the car. I got a pair of those from VW a couple of months ago but they're not cheap, that won't surprise you though. If you still have the original rear caps you might prefer to stick them back on! Think you'll be lucky to find a pair of sill trim strips 2nd hand in good condition as they contain a thin metal strip which seems to be a magnet for rust
  12. 3.6 engine(Healthy/damaged)

    Passat R36 pal. Always wondered how quick these actually were
  13. Golf VR6 front bumper (smooth finish on top)

    Got one sorted now, thanks for the suggestion Reaperx very kind but Aylesbury is quite a lot closer to me than Middlesbrough!