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  1. I'm hearing it's a common problem. Will do some digging see what comes up. It's round my mate tonight drying out. Then it's getting the waterproof cover back on for safe keeping.
  2. I keep coming down to my car with the windows open. Seems during the night something is causing the electric windows to go down. Car is very wet inside that's to the rain. It's a mk3 golf vr6. Anyone else come across this problem? I did have the bonnet open (sitting on rest not on the latch). Closed that now so will monitor. This car is not used much, The battery has not gone flat starts fine.
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232164879126?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true I'm not selling just come across it. My wife has same car in 5 door, but with a lot less miles and leather trim, AC, heated seats and passenger Air bag..be interesting to see how much this sells for.
  4. I have a friend so all my work his a volvo mechanic but does all cars. Lives in verwood if you want his number let me know. He just done my clutch for me on my VR6.
  5. Took the car out this weekend kept it under 4000rpm new clutch feels good. Only another 400miles to bed it in. Forget how fast the bloody thing is even up to 4000k.
  6. Bought a SACH kit going in Monday..then back on the road whoop whoop
  7. Got rid of RAC and now have cover via Adrian Flux..RAC was £145 Adrian Flux £55 and they tow modified cars no issues..SO Green Flag, AA and RAC will not tow you home if your car is lowed. Nor will they tow you home for free,if they suspect your car as been through water..they will charge you so don't tell them!!!
  8. No idea previous owner put it in and it's the only bit if if paperwork missing. It was a techni clutch which get very bad reviews. Bought a sach performance one going in this Thursday. Got the whole kit.
  9. Mk3 VR6 running around 300 BHP...what does everyone recommend to put in. I bought it with a Techniclutch- carbon Kevlar clutch already inplace, and looking at the clutch its about as up-rated as my Y Fronts on a bad day.
  10. Suspect I would had gone to his home if I was wearing them!! Will p ost up..need to get it on the rollers as well see what its actually kicking out.
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