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  1. here are a few recent pics of the car complete car got reversed into by a takeaway driver and ruined the door had that damage for 6 months finally got a door and fitted it
  2. think its about time i updated the thread got her on the road in the end the dead line was santapod vw action 2015 i managed to get it moted and taxed a week before the show so it went there looking a shed ! ran perfect and was thrashed on the strip all day, anyways i drove it for a year but now shes off road for a refresh and a turbo build spent a fair bit of time on the car this includes: engine overhaul all cleaned up and painted new chains and guides new clutch clutch slave and master new oil coolers and pipes cams a
  3. Hi everyone Would a omex Rev limiter got on my obd1 coil pack Would I need the twin coil kit ? I was under the impression that the kit grounds each twin coil on the coil pack ? Or does it ground each bank ? I assumed the vr had 3 twin coils and 2 banks is this correct ? The kit consists of 2 wires out the control box to ground the coils I was thinking it would need 3 for each twin coil ? Like I say I am unsure how the kit grounds Anyone who can shed some light on this that would be great Thanks
  4. hey guys My name is nay i am 21 and from manchester ! my family has always been into vw's and its kind of bit me from a young age i have owned a mk1 polo , 2 mk3 polos (one witch i drive daily) and a mk2 golf aswell witch u still own, I have been on here for a while so thought i would post up my project , the car was being driven daily upto 2009 by my brother witch sadly pasted away , so rather than sell the car it was passed down to me and has been sat for nearly 6 years ! its a shame its been sat so long but work commitments and money issues ! mainly down to the insurance 8000£ for third
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