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  1. Thanks I had managed to find a thread with pics of the rear sub and I got the jist. It's taking me a long time as every bolt is bonded on and I am restricted for space so I need to get into angles and spaces that are a pain in the a**e. Cheers
  2. Hi, Long time lurker. I have a 4 mo which I am calling a project car. If went into my garage nearly 2 years ago so I could do balljoint and it has never really seen the light of day again. I have been given permission to work on it again providing I do my chores [emoji107][emoji57] and play with the kids work 50 hrs and .......... I have made some recent progress and hopefully will start a project thread to keep you updated and also to ask many many questions. Cheers Al
  3. Hi, Anyone have a link or guide to remove the rear subframe from a 4mo. I have the trailing arms off but just need to know if there is anything that's a must before dropping it i.e unseen sensor/connectors. Admin if this should be in the main technical section please move.
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