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  1. Donor car advice

    Thank you, but I'm at the early stage of gaining information and deciding what model to use etc
  2. Donor car advice

    Thank you for the reply There is a company on ebay which claim can delete the immobiliser so the enfine will start as a stand alone unit The task is huge I know that, and I might fail lol
  3. Donor car advice

    Hi I'm looking for information on the best car./setup to buy to put on to a kit car I have no Idea how many vr6 types are available or have any vw/audi knowledge but I am a technician I'm looking to put a vr6 and 4x4 transmission in to a 2003 mini, abd want to keep obd2 Best engine and what model urs in Best transmission etc Any links or information would be much appreciated
  4. VR6Pete's Golf VR6

    Rob here from south Wales UK, looking for info help and Dvuce advice