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  1. Cheers for the replys mate from what I read in the Bentley the stock compression figures when new are 160-189 psi with a wear limit of 109 psi, either way I'm still right on the limit sorry forgot to say I also cleaned the valves and lapped them in ill look into into doing a leak down test
  2. Been running rich but I think I've narrowed that down to a warped flange on the turbo to manifold adapter I made letting some gasses out I just wanted to double check the cylinder pressures are all good as I've taken the car off the road to freshen everything up and it would be easier to do any work on the engine when it's removed the head wasn't rebuilt but was skimmed when removed for fitting the spacer and new stem seals were installed and the engine has covered 116,000 miles
  3. I'm in the process of trying to solve a running issue with my vrt and Ive done a cylinder pressure test to rule any headgasket/ piston ring issues test was done with engine upto temp and I'm running a spacer to make comp 8.5.1 All cylinders were between 100-110 psi , is this ok as I know what psi it states in the Bentley but this is for a standard compression vr and I'm hoping my figures are ok due to lowering the compression of the engine for going turbo cheers Neil
  4. I did wonder if that was you who commented And plan is to use it for a bit iron out any problems that may occur then pull it all apart again to get it painted and fit all the powder coated/ new running gear that I have And running 1 bar of boost just using the wastegate no controller fitted
  5. Yes and no fitted a new used maf also new inlet temp sensor whilst it was in bits was running fine set of down to stealth on the thurs had to swap to the old leads as started misfiring badly Stealth fitted some new decent leads car ran better but missing under heavy load turned out the new coil pack was a dud as ran fine with the old one fitted! So yeah avoid haas coil packs from ecp car ran fine after that all day no codes for anything and drive home was great came to start it few days later and was running lumpy again but cleared after a few blips of the throttle an was fine on a run
  6. Well got the car sorted was at stealth yesterday ended up making 396bhp very happy with that drive home was fun!
  7. Yeah fella so loud I've bought another silencer to fit in where the cat was, I must be getting old! Also had the car down at stealth last week it made 375 bhp on the rollers but it couldn't be mapped as some bits need sorting mainly the maf needs moving further away from the turbo plus some other bits and bobs its booked back in again next month Only thing now is since I've got it home it's developed a problem on the journey back from stealth it felt like it was hesitating/misfiring a bit but it cleared up and was running fine when I put the car away came to start it a few days later and
  8. I don't have anything connected to the water ports on the throttle body and my car was running fine, I think it only needs to be water cooled when it's in its original position as it sits above the exhaust manifold
  9. was quite tricky as there is not much room when running 3" system, i used a few 45 degree bends, its bloody loud as well with only one silencer!
  10. Well bit happened since last post made the exhaust It's just got a bit of straight 3" tube slash cut with a hacksaw for now as a tail pipe until I find a design I like I then rang stealth to book it in for its mapping turns out due to the type of ecu and maf my car runs i can't run a bigger maf so will see a max bhp of 350/360 ish but I'm going to do this for now and maybe go obd2/ standalone in the future They also informed my that with the spacer i had installed I would only see about 280 bhp so yeah some swearing and then a headgasket/ spacer swap later and I'm running again but now wi
  11. Stem seals don't know anything about retainers mine just pushed into place bar tek motorsport in Germany list performance stem seals but I'm not sure if there just for when up rated valves gave been fitted
  12. You can get genuine vw ones my specialist got me some for my car through tps, from what I can remember they were not much money
  13. passed its mot felt good driving it on the roads again although I'm now itching to get it mapped as driving it off boost is no fun! Think the bits for the exhaust turned up today not had chance to open them yet but if they are all there I know what I'm doing this bank holiday!
  14. Cheers and not yet still got to make the rest of the exhaust as only done to the cat just wanted it moted then I can run it for a bit see if anything leaks etc
  15. Well goodridge hoses are on order but not sure if there gonna turn up in time so may have to fit rubber ones for the mot then fit the goodridge ones when the car is stripped down when all the fresh underside stuff goes on Pic of the brakes Current engine bay pic Also made a gauge pod to sit in the chubby hole out of mdf is now sprayed black
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