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  1. Im having some issues. My fly wheel isint matching up from a 02 12v vr6 to the 24v vr6. Im trying to do a 5 speed swap. What am I doing wrong. I was told it's a straight swap over. But the 5speed flywheel isint matching up with the bolt pater for the 24v crank. Am I just not positioning the flywheel correctly or is it just different and I need to buy a 6speed??? Please help. And thank you in advance
  2. Well herro. Having coolant issues on the passanger side and have already replaced several parts such as: thermostat, thermostat housing, "crack pipe" (water pipe), water pump, and the coolant reservoir. But at night all my coolant leaks out and I come out to to absolutely no colant in the system. Please help!!!!
  3. I have a coolant leak on the passanger side of the vehicle. I have replaced the thermostat, thermostat housing, the "crack pipe", water pump, and coolant resevore. It only leaks overnight and it dumps out every bit of coolant. Anyone have any ideas of what it could be? -02 VW Jetta vr6 manual
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