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  1. how thick are the adaptors craggsy?
  2. how much are you going to be asking for them and if they got tyres on are they streched on the back?
  3. cheers lads,craggsy did they stick out so they sat level with the arch and was yours 8j on the back?
  4. has anyone got any pics of a mk3 golf on porsche 928 wheels??
  5. lol yeah built to last,when i find bits of info like that it reminds me how much i love my vr.
  6. it was a lady who owned it before.i take thats yours in your pic?what wheels are they?
  7. HAMMER_VR6 my car has similar history to yours,mine was fitted with the same vag full closure alarm from new.im the 2nd owner and it has done 72,000 and came from vw dealers about 3-4 miles from where i live.
  8. when i was having a browse through my service history /receipts for my vr6 i was shocked to find the original bill of sale in there from 1994.This all together came to just shy of £18,500 which icluded metallic paint,alarm,road fees,number plate change and drop of charges etc.Has any of you guys got any interesting paper work with your vr's??
  9. where are you then vr belly?are all the bits where they fix still ok or are they cracked,mine are.
  10. does anyone know if you can still get the engine plastics from vw?
  11. ^^^^^ what he said and just looking at that makes me feel sad.dogs really are a mans best friend
  12. why did you have to post these pictures lol i like these alot and it has got me thinking..very nice indeed.
  13. has anyone seen the matt black r32 turbo on pistonheads?it has 550 bhp/545 lb ft of torque and looks like a serious weapon.just wanted to know if there was any around with more than this?
  14. good deal that was then russ and thats a good idea sharky i will have to find out if they sell the delete pipe.
  15. mine is a jetex at the moment but i thought as it was just pipe i was after then it wouldnt be so much.
  16. After running my 3 box exhaust system for about a month i have now decided that i want to remove the center box and the suitcase box.i went to a local powerflow dealer who has qouted me 195+vat to fit a straight pipe to delete the center box and a few bends to delete the suitcase box and use my back box,question is does this sound about the right price for this kind of job???
  17. new car scent magic tree for me
  18. i like the wheels aswell mate,nice car too.
  19. yeh it does sound like its coming from the rear and does get louder as i go from 50-70 mph and then it gets a bit quieter.
  20. when i take my vr between 50-70 mph in 4th or 5th i get this fairly deep droneing sound and once above that speed it seems to get quieter.this doesnt happen below 50 mph either.i have a stanadard exhaust before anyone suggests that lol!any ideas?? thanks brett
  21. my friend was offered a cheapish vr6 but on the test drive it seemed to hesitate now and then as if the revs drop and then it goes again but very quickly as if you were to jab the throttle in 2nd gear you get the hard jolt.hope that makes sense as its hard to explain lol,anyone know what this could be?
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