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  1. Looking for the above if anyone has one?
  2. Beru leads and ngk plugs is what im using...seems ok.
  3. Ive been thinking of going down the cams route as ive got a panel filter and milltek cat back.I was looking at the schimmel 263 cams an a map.Are the gains noticeable on the road?
  4. I have replaced that but it was from euro car parts so maybe it was bad one.It only seems to do it on idle but is fine when driving??I will try changing it again just to make sure.
  5. So when I start the vr I get a relay that clicks (not sure what one yet) but it makes the car sound like there is a very small misfire.After a few seconds of driving the relay stops clicking and the car runs smooth..anyone know what relay would be causing this?
  6. After a couple of days of trial and error I have traced my problem down to 2 things.First problem was a faulty wire in the fuse box and then the second problem was a wire that will not stay in the loom plug that plugs into the ecu.With these two things sorted I should be back on the road
  7. No it has the standard vw alarm...with a scan it should point me in the right direction.Could it be the crank sensor??
  8. fuel system/pump all working correct etc..was getting a ticking noise from number 11 relay which is the horn.Now im thinking has the immobiliser be erased correct as maybe this is the reason it just turns over and the ticking is in theory the alarm going of just without the sound of the horn??Local garage is going to plug it in tomorrow to see if the reader picks up the ecu and to see if the key and ecu match (so im told).
  9. it will not start at all now..turns over and thats it.I had ago with some jump leads just incase the battery had gone flat but it still didnt fire.
  10. i have replaced the ecu relay and the fuel pump relay with no luck.i just get a ticking noise from under the steering wheel when it turns over.
  11. I had the immobiliser erased from my ecu on my 95 vr6 so i plugged it back in and left it sat on the scuttle to see if it started before i put it all back together.It started fine so i bolted it back to the body and put the scuttle panel back on.I got back in the car and it wouldnt start just turns over.I then took it back of the body and it started fine but i did notice i have a ticking noise from under the steering wheel where the fuses and relays are.So basically it does not start when the ecu is bolted to the body (where it should be) but it does start when it is just led in the scuttle ar
  12. Thought i would put the feelers out to see what local members are about and see if something can be arranged for the members down south.
  13. I decided i wanted another so like you do i had a look on ebay etc.Searched nearest first and there it was at the top of the page,3 door tornado red with th lines.Sent the bloke a message to see where he was and it ended up being 2 roads down from where i live..
  14. well after reading some info on the net and seeing that some people have fixed it only for the problem to return i have decided to have the immobiliser erased of the ecu.
  15. I gave the Phirm a call today as they are local-ish (i live in southampton) about my immobiliser and they were happy to discuss and explain.
  16. i gave the phirm a call and all sorted
  17. yeah I don't want to leave it to long..i will see how much it costs to have the immobiliser removed and how they go about it otherwise im sure I will make small problem a big one
  18. how much would this cost and how would I go about it?
  19. thanks mate..i did read something about c2 motorsport being able to erase the immobiliser of the ecu,how true this is I don't know.
  20. Hi guys,i went to start my car tonight and it fired but then cut out.It did this a few times so I got my (cheap ebay) vag code reader out and it came back with the code 17978 which I have read is something to do with the immobiliser.Can anyone shed any light on this and how it is sorted.I had another go at starting it 30 minutes later and it started fine.
  21. its was 2 posts down ..this thread can be deleted if needs be.
  22. got the info from another post in this section now..
  23. hi guys,im in a postion where I can not afford to turbo my vr6 in one hit but keep seeing various turbo parts for sale.Is there a list of parts needed to go vrt as im not that advanced when it comes to engines.I just wanted to gather up the parts needed and have it fitted so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be good.
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