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  2. Home built charged vr6 cabriolet

    haven't been on here for a while,im sorely missing the simplicity of the vr6,anyway just thought i would congratulate BGB on an amazing build so far,i love it
  3. talk to me about turbos

    read kevs,pauls or jim potters turbo build threads,thats how i did mine,between those three you'll have every inch covered
  4. VR6 turbo with stock bottom?

    yep easily, i did with mine as they're known to to handle 350+
  5. What is going on with this country..?

    all i can say is i grew up in tottenham and hackney in the same streets where all this shite is happening and i DO NOT agree with this behaviour,its pointless and its wrecking peoples lives,on the news they're saying times are hard and they've got no money or jobs,its been like that for centuries yet our grandparents never went out and trashed the place,they're not doing it to make a point its just,THEFT, BURGLARY,ROBBERY,simple and if the police as under powered as they were smashed into them and cracked a few ribs and fingers then it would have stopped but they allowed them to have an inch and they took a mile,now people have been killed and its going to get worse before it gets better,all i can say is i hope they dont use this excuse to start a race war

    i would say de-cat it but keep the two rear boxes,keeps some torque but lets it breath better
  7. have you tried splitting the cable in the middle under the bonnet,you may get more cable to play with

    my first vr had a six branch straight through to a back box,seriously loud but you do loose some torque
  9. dont know which one is which but im sure i was told to use the green fluid as the pink one rots the seals in the steering system
  10. Supercharged Recommended Spark Plugs

    yeah he must mean sparkplugs as it would depend on what stage/set-up he's running to determine what injectors he should use
  11. mk2 or mk4

    and you get a discount card
  12. my new motor E46 330is

    yeah thats a nice M5 but i gotta be honest with myself and say i wouldnt be able to run that beast
  13. my new motor E46 330is

    £££ plus i wanted 4 doors,im fed up of getting out to let rear passengers out
  14. my new motor E46 330is

    i've seen an ess stage1 kit with a twin screw charger which is suppose to give you more power lower down the rev range
  15. my new motor E46 330is

    as some of you may know i sold the vr6t and got an ear bashing for doing so but i think i've done alright,will be stage1 supercharged producing roughly 305whp in the near future