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  1. is anyone using spacers on the standard vr6 wheels to make the track wider and what size are you using?
  2. does the 2.9 corrado inlet manifold and throttle body fit on a obd1 vr6?if they do do you get any gains from this?
  3. the fueling he said was spot on,on the road it pulls well and seems to be quick to me but ive never had a go against another vr.the dyno had only been repaired a few days before aswell.the only car i have had a lil go against was a e30 325is and it was quicker than that.
  4. do you think it would be a good idea to book it in on another dyno to see if i get the same result?
  5. based in verwood,they did say that the rollers are a bit conservative with the results.that figure was at the flywheel i beleive looking at the printout,maybe it aint that good then,the engine only done just over 70k and its standard apart from a bmc.
  6. took my car to k-tec today for a few power runs and it made 163.4 bhp and about the same in torque,i thought this wasnt bad as i suppose it could have been worse lol.the operator did say that the fueling was spot on and it was a very healthy engine.it didnt make the best bhp but its nice to know the engine is sweet so im a very happy bunny.
  7. when i go to my local asda i park right at the back in the middle of nowhere and people still park along side me and leave about 2ft gap,it gets my goat.
  8. your posts confuse me,not sure if its my eyes or the fact its 1am in the morning.i take it you are doing something to your engine from what the other members have said so good luck mate.
  9. where are you starting from baz and what time?
  10. oh and gavin are you going to get some pics of that rear bumper up on dubscene?
  11. sounds good russ,are you oing to leave your credit card behind the desk at bp so we can all fill up lol???
  12. hi baz,i got a tyre on my other wheels at last.hopfully put them on before the team south meet.is yours all sorted now then?
  13. im easy either way,last time was good with the little drive around.
  14. dont take the piss russ lol,hope its nice on sunday if this meet happens.
  15. sorry about that guys,1 to many budweisers.
  16. i hear there is gonig to be a flood of vr's
  17. is this a common problem on the vr6?seen a few adds that say dont use oil/water.
  18. yeah just before the m40,would have came in but didnt see till the last minute.
  19. i saw the pale blue mk1 in a petrol station along the a34 i think,i was on my way to the brit grand prix.
  20. i take it this was worth going to then?i missed it because i went to the brit grand prix.
  21. smithy86


    thats the catch aint it,the sound and the way they drive just makes you realise why you like them so much.
  22. smithy86


    lol,you got any other cars that take your fancy then?
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