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  1. We purchased this car in December 2014 and it sat in a garage until early this year where it was prepped ready to show over in Belfast last week at Dubshed 16. The car itself is a basic model sporting a 1600cc powerhouse with 22k miles from new. It was in very good original condition but we decided to change a few parts!!! The previous keeper also a member on here brought the car back to life then looked after it until we got it. So here it is....... It came with a lot of history that I'll not bore you with!?! It was a real tidy original car so only needed a few tweaks...
  2. Lol send me the "job description" and I'll digest it over a cuppa tea!!!
  3. I have too many responsibilities in my life already, sorry man! Lol
  4. Woo hoo "vice chair" please?! Lol
  5. Dam you're just too late, I got the job on the Mk2 forum! If only you'd replied on Facebook lol
  6. Cheers man, I'm afraid it's not for sale! I got in a panic as I needed my lock up for my 2016 showcar but fortunately my mate found out I was selling so is letting me store it in his Bodyshop! I would have been ill if it sold for the asking price
  7. Should find a good one for that dude
  8. If the lad is flush he can let his money do the talking!!! 5dr manual mulberry Highline mmmmm
  9. How much cash have you got?
  10. I'm in Glasgow dude, just pick wisely
  11. Yeah I've been working on it for months, really has taken up so much of my time! Cheers man ;)...........lol (thanks Pete)
  12. Welcome, look out for rust, rust and more rust!
  13. Get the finger out Pete?!?! Take my monies.........ha ha ha
  14. Sorry if I've posted this before, I'm trying out Tapatalk App! Lol
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