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  1. Goudgey11


    Brand new motor ready to fire up,using vems standalone scary times !!!
  2. Vrt Parked up after run in,such a difference form my supercharged setup I had in her
  3. First turbo conversion for me ! Chuffed to bits
  4. Thanks for the ones who replied,carried out all the testing you advised,no joy unfortunately,sent ecu away to be tested ,turns out to be faulty thanks again
  5. Hi thanks a lot for your info,thank you for your time will investigate further,will post my findings or fixed solution,may help others
  6. Hi thanks for your advice,running a entry level 6psi pulley,giac chip,custom short runner intake,mk4 head gasket,apr bolts,6branch manifold,fitted a new water pump,but didn't think about the temp readings will check that,do you think a faulty injector would cause this,getting a slight misfire count on vag com,but fitted all new ignition parts.thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi thanks for your reply,yeh all Oem parts,even replaced the maf,I'm thinking posable ecu .thanks again have a good x mas
  8. Hi all !! My 1997 sc vr6 is hesitating form 4000 to 5500 then takes of like a rocket till limiter,keep getting both knock sensors low signal fault codes coming up on vag com,replaced the one on the front of the engine,checked the wiring,but still getting both of the sensors reporting low signal.any help would be really appreciated,thanks for your time.
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