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  1. Doors lock now but I'm still having trouble with my cluster still no warning lights I'm so confused I've tried a lot . cleaned all grounds inter changed parts and still nothing. But if the battery is hooked up for about 10 15 mins the horn will beep then alarm goes off. Any help will be appreciated
  2. I'll check again but everything looked good
  3. I got locks to work pump was froze up. But still no dash lights and the radio is still high pitch
  4. The starting problem was due to the ignition switch. Only problems I have now is no dash lights, no warning lights (check engine,airbag, etc) and my doors won't lock only driver door from outside but have yet to find central locking pump.
  5. Just driver door locks but other three stay unlocked. Alarm goes off every now and then. When I put key in switch it acts like the switch isn't working when I turn it on but abs light comes on
  6. Would you happen to know where at the doors don't lock either
  7. Hello everybody been awhile since I posted. I just picked up a jetta glx been sitting awhile. Anyways I've put jumper cables on it to start it but no luck everything seems normal except when I turn the key on. I don't get any dash lights like the back light and warning lights and also the abs light beside the light switch is on. The radio sound like it's only playing through tweeters. And one more thing if I have the switch on the miles and time are displaying but if I turn head lights on they get faded. Any ideas or help will be appreciated. Thanks.. Bob.
  8. I've changed the crank sensor and no luck. But i had it running and bumped some wires between the fan and trans and it cut off. So I'm thinking it's a short.
  9. Hey guys and gals been awhile since ive been on...... but ive recently came across an issue with my 1997 vw jetta glx. normally when its cold out it has some trouble starting. like today i tried to start and it didnt like twice before but if i wait for it to get warm it will start..... well today it didnt get no warmer so i tried and wasnt giving up i got it to start but it will cut out and backfire and cut off. but with several tries it finally started i guess once the motor warmed up. when im turning over and it has a dead start like turning over but not wanting to fire i can hear a relay c
  10. Wish I had a vag com but they are exspensive lol. And any pics on rev switch.
  11. This amp is Bose and is in the trunk up on the deck were the 2 6.5 speakers are
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