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  1. Yeap know all about the funds side of things can slow everything up
  2. Complete with seals and just ready for paint looking 20 for the pair
  3. Sorry guys have had to use this myself now
  4. Yeap I remember when Pete done but just goes to show these bodyshops with all the hype are just that yea or go schmidts again as by time you get adaps you could prob find
  5. I have ended up with 2 oil caps for mk3 golfs/ vento, these are obsolete items now any takers make me offer on them
  6. Good solid car be nice to go full hog on her
  7. Ok neuspeed don't make anymore period now, I think got mk3 oil cap but will check have you a Mobby
  8. Hi yes I would be as can modify to fit are they mk4 ones have you pic
  9. Pair new door pins £2
  10. Good solid car besides few bits keep original
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