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  1. That's the plan, only down the road..... let me know when you're available and we can arrange a viewing?
  2. Could you pm me some contact details? I'm only in York and interested. Cheers.
  3. She has stayed dragon green! Just a few bits and pieces to fit to finish her off. Ready for the VW festival tomorrow! Gonna be a late night tonight me thinks!
  4. Making progress with mine... Got all panels and bits fitted in the rain today....... Dropped back off at paint shop for grill, bumper ducts and then for flatting and polishing.... Alarm man also fitting new alarm on Thursday motioning.... Collect it Thursday night, ready to set off Friday morning!
  5. Waiting for wings, bumpers, and rest of bits from paint man..... Then needs assembly, flatting off, machine polishing.... Then MOT. Insurance Tax Or it will be coming on the trailer....
  6. Just collected from paint.... Assembly required Mot And everything else in between!!
  7. Hope so.... otherwise the missus will have to travel in my van with me.... ? Should be next week, then all the other little jobs need doing, and MOT, insurance, tax lol.... Will update with progress!
  8. If the car is done and on the road in time i'm happy to park it on the stand, otherwise it will just be parked up next to my T5 and caravan in family camping! Pencil me in, if someone else wants the space - let let them take it.... I'm 90% confident it should be all ready for the VW festival.... Will keep you posted..... Cheers!
  9. I'm there all weekend - family camping with my caravan. Hopefully the missus will be driving the Golf there if it's finished in time! Do you want cars on the club stand? It's going in for paint this week.... [emoji51] Cheers, Dan.
  10. And so the work continues...... Been a while since I was here last.... Far too much happening with family life and other stuff... Made an effort to get some more stuff done.... All welding done - stonechip and under seal next. All calipers painted and refitted. Wheels on to see what they look like. Brake pipes to sort next and bleed. Coilovers to fit. Sump to change. Then paint! Undecided if I should stick with Dragon Green or maybe go satin olive drab....? Anyway, this is how she looks today.....
  11. Anyone else for any bits.... Going for scrap today or tomorrow.... Needing the space now!
  12. Free goodies arrived today.... Genuine new calipers, might give me a kick up the Arse to get these fitted, along with the new rear units, and the dices and pads.... Started robbing bits from the 2 donor cars so hopefully get some stuff shifted soon too!
  13. How long have you owned it? Any history?
  14. Yes, not checked if its working yet though..... PM me if you need anything...
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