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  1. Hi guys how many of you would be interested in a club stand at this yrs stoner park in June, I'm waiting on more info from organisers but it's a proper chilled out show but just post up if interested cheers all
  2. dale p

    Vr6 4 pots

    Hi guys anyone got any 4 pots lyin around as could be interested cheers
  3. Hi guys opened small bodyshop now and anyone who uses me furies or need let me know as don't mind passing discount to fellow members cheers guys
  4. Any interest in these 20 copies in total cheers
  5. Hi guys just had to go through all my vw mags and have had quite few doubles which happy to give away if anyone wants to pick up drop me a message if any interest cheers
  6. It's going to be down to costs really where a rolling road can pretty much organise at same venue, but will look into various events
  7. Ok cheers guys will def get looking into this
  8. Hi guys any interest in this in the coming months
  9. dale p

    Vr6 maf sensor

    Car wouldn't be on a distributor
  10. dale p

    Vr6 maf sensor

    Ok send me a pic just so can make sure housing same as mine if poss
  11. dale p

    Vr6 maf sensor

    Ok what price after for it
  12. dale p

    Vr6 maf sensor

    Ok great obd2 then Take it you never had a problem with it
  13. dale p

    Vr6 maf sensor

    Ok off what year car
  14. Hi no I'm selling a splitter
  15. Hi guys guaging interest on setting a club event this year not looked at any dates as such just seein if get enough interest rolling road day, show shine and if permitting maybe sound off as of the old days, rewards given to all classes so no matter weather show queen or daily driver it will be for everyone any thoughts just post them up cheers guys
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