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  1. Hey guys put a solus on vr today codes 00668 batt pretty much shot so that's sorted that one 00533: what's ideas on this one 32767 never come across this one
  2. I know all about this in similar situ with various circumstances over the yrs just stick with it and follow what you want to do with it
  3. Very good cond great looking too good to be left outside 45
  4. Got her going but running rear rough and idling a bit haywire and bit popping and sounds like loads air in system anyone had similar symptoms after not being fired up for while
  5. Cars all tucked up on garage usually fires ok but not wanting to fire today its clicking and fuel pumps kick in that's it tried rocking car incase starter jammed any other ideas
  6. 15s are the daddy imo they just get power down lot easier
  7. i contacted them quite some time ago now and had no reply what soever from them if i lived nearer to them id just drove down
  8. Hi guys just seeing if anyone knows best place to get mounting bolts from besides local hardware store which will prob end up doing
  9. Hey guys not the right place for this but ideal for a daily, I bought as a doner for mine but vans too good to break as runs great just needs clean up and polish, 167k, solid rear doors it is what it is if anyone inters make me an offer got grille for it
  10. Anyone got anything hidden in garage
  11. Only asking as I was gona run a alloy one but I know back in day ppl having running issues with polished manifolds so you got me thinking now myself
  12. You having any issues with the alloy one
  13. Nice to see someone local ish to me lol
  14. Nice to always hear the story's behind the cars nice to see you carried it on rfs look gd
  15. As above got the fogs but no indicators
  16. Genuine mate how you finding the polo handles on the vr
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