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  1. its new starter in her,thing that gets me all dash lights are nil onec tried to fire which is what makes me think electrical,worst thing is not got time like i used to to rack my head lol
  2. hi guys im after some second opinions here in case ive over looked anything as got lot going on at moment, cars been stood but gets fired weekly couple wks ago it wont fire,now batt if fine 100%,toad alarm is playing up think the batt in siren gone,but car itself wont fire,the neg lead on batt also gets quite warm,it just clicks but nothing turnsover,could it be coil? just after opinions
  3. as above, mint cond,original box and manual got chucked out by mrs but simple amp to hook up £120 all inc
  4. nice vr mate if you were closer to gloshire i would took a look for you, but jags not too far from you i think
  5. Anyone on here fitted ddi clocks,just wondered how easy they are as heard different stories lol
  6. Did this happen,I would be happy to send few of my mk3,mk2'mk4 if inters
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