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  1. Yep replaced with second-hand parts, Looked like it had some paint at the end as the bonnet looked mint
  2. Great ,got my ticket already ,put me on the list please.
  3. Would you allow my mk4 20vt on the stand? Dropped on my polished zw1s
  4. Looks like front to me ,big red but replaces the waffled rubber insert other bit goes under the mount ? I think,I'm doing the same to mine but using hockey pucks stacked up instead.
  5. My cars nowhere near ready ,but I'll be there
  6. I'll still be on the stand just not with my car ,it may well be on the road by then just don't want to take a space that I might not fill, How about a new reserve list for ,,if my car is ready I'll be there?
  7. Also if you want any new banners making I'm in the trade so could sort them out for you ,,,cheap..maybe free. New page fail,
  8. I'm gonna have to give my place to chris then ( vag hag) as I can't be sure my car will be ready on time and I don't want to rush it,at least it will be another rado vrt in my place ...I will be going to the show so will say hi.. Gutted!
  9. The way things are going I won't be helping anyone .. What a day,,,my plan was to have the engine bolted back in this aft so I could order the bits to change my down pipe and one boost pipe to be v banded... This didn't happen,,first off the bm only just past it's mot so there's a few bits I needed to sort on that,,,then finally got to work on the rado,,,happy days,started off well got the steering rack and arb all bolted up to the subframe ,then came the wishbones with fresh tt rear bushes and powerflex fronts,one side went on fine then as I put the front bolt in the other side it went straig
  10. Should have a good update tomorrow ,as long as my bm doesn't have any problems with its mot( just checked paperwork and it ran out last week ,oops)so it's in for a last minute test in the morning if all goes well I'm playing corrado for the rest of the day,things have changed since last update but just boring stuff..
  11. Nope that will stay forever as my kids won't let me sell it,, Haha,,
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