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  1. VR6 12v Cast 81mm piston w/ rings

    What’s up
  2. Head gasket?

    Before my plan was to run 9:1 head spacers but I ended up getting forged piston that gives it 9:1 compression so my question was do I just installed the stock Vr6 head gasket
  3. Head gasket?

    12v VR6 2.9L I got my head and block resurfaced with 9:1 forged 82mm pistons Would I just use the stock head gasket?
  4. Brand new never been installed. $350 firm
  5. Need help with picking a turbo

    Thanks for the input. Now would that be the BW s362? If I were to look it up. All this different name for turbos confuses me and overwhelms me haha.
  6. I'm new to the boosted car scene. In need of help to pick the right turbo. Not looking to go big just yet, but just to start with something fun around 350hp-400hp. So far my built: 12v Forged piston 9:1 compression Bore to a 2.9L All arp hardware Resurfaced head and block Short runner 42lb injectors I'm plan on getting c2 track software So my next purchase a turbo so I can get the downpipe made. Again I don't want to break the bank but I don't wanna buy an eBay turbo. I'm kinda eye balling a Borg Warner turbo, but again don't know to much about turbo and there specs. It overwhelms me haha. Thanks
  7. Brand new. One was open to test fit after I got my motor honed. But decided to get it bored for 82mm piston. 450 OBO PayPal. Boxed and ready to ship.