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  1. I can get the timing chain kit from Ecp for around £165 all in and 8hrs labour at £30 p/h plus clutch so not a cheap job then!
  2. Rado side skirts

    Fair enough
  3. Central locking pump

    Hi what does the very end letter signify after the numbers on the pump Cheers
  4. Rado side skirts

    Hi all what's people opinions on the best looking side skirts for my rado ?
  5. Ok cheers all suppose it has to be done the rado has 202k
  6. I was told around 2.5 hours labour is this about right?
  7. Hi what sort of money am I looking at to get my chains replaced on my rado? Cheers
  8. Hi what size tyres do people recommend on 3dsm 15 inch alloys,I have 195/40/16 80w at the moment with a slight stretch
  9. Reiger

    Hi looking for a reiger front bumper for my raddo if there is one about Cheers Dave
  10. Raddo yellow fog lights

    Ok mate thanks for that
  11. Raddo yellow fog lights

    Hi anyone know where I can pic up some yellow fog lights Cheers Dave
  12. Hi any recommendations for the replacement of the under bonnet insulation on my corrado pls Cheers Dave
  13. Trim polish

    Going to give the gtechniq a go,it's £22 ish for a 15ml bottle but has good reviews
  14. Hi bit mystified with my toad alarm,when I arm or disarm it the sunroof drops down on one corner,the central locking doesn't work at the moment as I need a new pump.Any clues why this happens. Cheers
  15. Trim polish

    Hi any pointers on the best polish for door trin and window rubbers pls Cheers