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  1. I am 100% up for this! Be Bea great experience to have another vr6 to play with on track!
  2. Hello mate, I'm currently running a 9psi pulley on my rotrex c30-94, where did you get your other pulleys from?!
  3. Ok mate thanks for the link. Do you have a post for the thread?! Jake
  4. Thanks Dave. I'm no expert on injectors, 630cc a little too big?! Can be mapped down but enough?! That's a good price, where from?! Yeah green are tried and tested but just heard there are far better now Thanks Jake
  5. Hi guys. After some advice on injectors. Going to be running a rotrex c30 94 on my vr6 soon and just getting all final bits together before bolting it up. My question is what injectors do people recommend?! The charger is currently running 8psi as standard, in the future I will look at running more. I'm aiming for around 300 - 330bhp so need injectors to suit. I've read about red top and green top but have read that the spray pattern on the EV1 is pretty dated now, this correct?! Are ev6 better with the ev1 adaptor?! What else are people running?! Does anyone have these for sale or know any s
  6. Really appreciate the feedback mate. Nice to actually understand what's being said! With regards to injectors I've read that green tops are good. And again will allow for extra fueling if needed when the psi is upped. Thanks again Jake
  7. I'm not sure of the size at the minute. I'm waiting to hear back from the seller, to be honest what is possible with them without major work and compromising realiability?! Around 300 would be a nice starting point. Much needed for that?! With regards to injectors what would people recommend?? Mid range would be nice, it's a weekend/ track car on occasions. When I know the pulley size I shall get back to you. Thanks again Jake
  8. The rings haven't been done yet so I will talk to the guys doing it. I can imagine if it needs doing they will as they are shit hot! I understand about the dense etc. Some good info! Any where to find these spacer plates? Thanks Jake
  9. Thanks for your responses. With regards to the spacer plates, where is best to purchase these?! I don't want any risks to be honest. It's a stage 1 kit at the minute but I would like the engine prepped for more power as and when. There is no charge cooling with the kit that I am getting. Would this benefit greatly even at low psi?? The map will be done at stealth by vince. The reason I have the head apart is because I had low compression on 3 cyclinders due to leaking valve and seals. The seats and valves have been machined and piston rings too so compression should be good, oviously doing the
  10. Hi guys. Currently got my head apart on the vr6 and fitting a mk4 head gasket and some schimmel 263 cams, a rotrex kit has come up and I'm very interested. I've had a z engineering S/C before on a practically stock engine. When using the rotrex c30 94 what is the ideal compression. While the head is apart I would like to get it correct. The mk4 gasket will take to 10.5:1 apparently, and doubling up will take to 9.6:1. Is this compression good enough for the rotrex? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Jake
  11. Hi guys, just coming to the final stages of my fast road/track toy. Bit of background Vr6 (kinda obvious) 17x8 et 30 team dynamic pro race 1.2 205/45/17 yoko ADO8R tyres Avo GTZ coil overs, height and dampening adjustment Camber adjustable strut bolts on front Fully stripped I'm after some advice on the sort camber, height and dampening I should be running. I appreciate there will be personal taste depending on roads, the driver etc but as a base really. Any help is appreciated Jake
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