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VW Paint codes - Find your paint code here!!! :!

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Dunno if this has been done on here, excuse me if it has, but thought listing VW paint codes here will help alot of people.

Here's a list I've found so far. Please feel free to add any that have been missed and we'll keep this thread up-to-date for future reference and newcomers.

Maybe also you could post a good quality pic of a car with associated paint code.

L041 - Black

L90E - Alpine White

L94E - Oak Green

L97A - Diamond silver

LA3A - Mars Red

LA3G - Classic Red

LA3W - Red Spice

LA5E - Maritime Blue

LA5T - Medium Blue

LA5U - Royal Blue

LA5W - Blue Lagoon

LA5Y - Helios blue metalic

LA6U - Capri Green

LA6V - Lhasa Green metalic

LA6W - Fresco Green

LA6Z - Calypso

LA7S - Stonehenge Gray

LA7U - Pearl grey

LA7W - Reflex Silver

LA9B - Cool White

LA9V - Brilliant Black

LB1B - Sunflower Yellow

LB1D - Mellow Yellow

LB1M - Harvest Moon Beige

LB2A - Sundown Orange

LB3Y - Colorado Red Pearl

LB4V - Samoa

LB5B - Aquarius Blue

LB5N - Indigo Blue Pearl

LB5Q - Speed Blue

LB5R - Deep Blue Pearl

LB5S - Blue Silver

LB5T - Steel Blue

LB5W - Pacific Blue

LB5X - Blue Spirit

LB6U - Mint

LB6W - Pine Green

LB6X - Alaska Green

LB6Z - Montana green

LB7Z - Satin Silver

LB9A - Candy White

LC35 - Titian Red Pearl

LC3L - Hot Chilli Red

LC3T - Indian Red

LC3X - Matchstick Red Pearl

LC3Z - Terracotta

LC4P - Purple Violet Pearl/Mulberry

LC4T - Twilight Violet

LC5F - Blue Graphite

LC5L - Mystic Blue

LC5M - Moonlight Blue

LC5P - Dusty mauve

LC5R - Marlin Blue

LC5S - Appassionato Blue

LC5U - Aqua Blue Perlescent

LC5X - Ink Blue

LC6M - Bright Green Pearl

LC6P - Dragon Green/Emerald Green

LC6V - Green

LC6W - Rave Green Pearl

LC6X - Baltic Green Pearl

LC7V - Blue Anthracite

LC7W - Papillion Silver Helios.

LC9Y - Luxury Black Helios.

LC9Z - Black Magic Pearl

LD1B - Yellow

LD1D - Double Yellow

LD1W - Wheat Beige

LD2B - Snap Orange

LD5Q - Shadow Blue

LD6S - Northern Green

LD6T - Electronics Green

LD6W - Venetian Green

LD6X - Reed Green

LD7U - Offroad Gray

LD7V - Silver Gray

LD7W - Platinum Gray

LD7X - Platinum Gray

LG3L - Red

LG5A - Vapour blue

LG5T - Dark Blue Pearl

LG5V - Galactic Blue Pearl

LG7V - Desert Wind

LG9R - Silver Arrow

LK5S - Riviera Blue

LK7Y - Storm Grey

LN5Y - Windsor Blue

LP3G - Flash Red

LR1V - Bolero Beige

LR1W - Birken Pearl

LR5U - Antibes Blue

LR5V - Fjord Blue

LR5W - Luna Blue

LR6X - Marais Green

LR6Y - Waterworld Pearl

LR7R - Cairo Gray

LR7T - Coucou Gray

LR7Y - Silver Atmosphere

LR8V - Nocturne Aubergine

LR9A - Campanella White

LW5Y - Bright Blue Pearl

LW5Z - Jazz Blue

LY3D - Tornado Red

R902 - Arctic White

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LC3L - Hot Chilli Red

Hi I'm new on here, I've looked for a paint code for mine but can't find it any ideas what it could be

I've looked under the carpet nothing there I'm not sure if it's dusty mauve, I'll try to get a better pic

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Just a few more i found!

LA6V- Lhasa Green metalic (mk1 golf and Audi Quattro)

LA5Y-Helios blue metalic (mk1 and quattro)

L97A-Diamond Silver (mk1 and quattro)

L90E-Alpine White (mk1 and Quattro)

LA3A-Mars Red (mk1 and Quattro)

LA6V - Lhasa Green metalic (added)

LA5Y - Helios blue metalic (added)

LA3A - Mars Red (added)

others already on list, thanks m8 ;)

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