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  1. But surely they would have put a note up if they were taing the site down...
  2. Some of you may also use ED38 but since yesterday its been down. When you select forums you get an FBi sign. Recall there being a problem a few years ago and wondered if anyone had any more info.
  3. much cheaper to get them off ebay.de, seen many sets (KW1's) go for £450
  4. 215/35/16's on my BBS RS 16x9 rears 16x8.5 fronts, soon to be 16x9 all round
  5. Hi does anyone have these local to south london (croydon/sutton) that I can borrow for a day or two as mine are at my dad's in east london and don't really have the time to go get them. Needed for FK Konigsport suspension. Cheers
  6. Yeah sorry porka fitment. Need to get it right as they need to be ordered asap.
  7. Slightly unsure what size adapters to get for my RS's. The front wheels are 16x8.5 ET56 with 215/35/16 tyres. Has anyone else got same size wheels or larger and what ET are you running (on a MK3). My thoughts are to use a 35mm adapter giving an ET of 21mm. What do you guys think? Cheers
  8. Mxya aka Jus wheels just recently did my BBS RS's see pictures and very well priced. Let me know if you want his details.
  9. Thanks, but I think Colchester is just a bit out of reach.
  10. Hi as the topic says mine are sold and I have no replacements. I need to borrow some for about two weeks max whilst my new wheels (BBS RS) are refurbed. If anyone in the Croydon area is kind enough to lend anything that gets under my arches it would be greatly appreciated. Wheels will not be driven on as I have means to a second car. Cheers
  11. I had a Mk2 VR a few years ago - very raw, lovely car by the way
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