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Hello to all, 


Finally got myself another VR6 and it feels like i am a kid all over again i am so exited to start working on my project but first i would like to say hello and also i would like to apologise for all the questions i about to start asking, so the car i have is a MK3 VR6 it has had some work done it has been stripped out and i am only every going to use this as a track car.


Currently has a Eaton M112 supercharger fitted with a inter cooler it connected to the belt and it is turning but its not connected into the intake, the guy i bought it off never finished it so i saw an opportunity and stepped in the engine is totally standard so i have lots of work to do, which leads me to my first question!


It runs lean with the supercharger connected so i plan to install red top injectors and to help with the extra air but i am wondering what to do with the MAF ie, keep it, move it, or upgrade it to a Audi S3 MAF.


I am very open to suggestions here!



Glad to be part of the club again!






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So now my HT leads fit my bonnet struts look quality I stole that idea from the guys at the tatton park show all plugs and injectors changed I now continue to wait for parts ps I can't wait to drive

Off the ground for the last time, the next time this touches the floor it will be drove to stealth!

White block finished spraying!!!!!!!

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More parts came today still no rollcage, on the plus side I have come across this baby sat in a box it's a vr6 full engine with gearbox and lots of goodies it was from a guy who wanted to convert his mk2 gti but gave up. The beauty is it is only £150 and if I can use it as spares I can speed up my build by rebuilding this engine while still running the one in the car then swap later when i have sorted it.cb1cba9d031b745d8d3ef991373fc453.jpg

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A popular mod is to relocate battery and washer bottle to the boot to enable a re route of induction piping and maf to the space freed up by moving the aforementioned components.

It Looks a pretty clean car!

moved the washer bottle next step is to move the battery but I am struggling to find cable to reach the boot I have seen it on eBay but you never know what your gonna get.
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I think you need a Bmw e36 positive cable, that'll run front to back and ideally it should have jumping points under the bonnet.

Oh man I have owned 3 BMW's and never thought of a cable from them, top man Bealieboy I am gonna get one tomorrow. Edited by ky_uk
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Still waiting for rollcage but on the good side I finally have atmosphere in the engine I have had it idling at 10 psi, just want to apologise for the haggard garage look I have going on but the battery is really overstaying it's welcome in the bay!!!!!! Won't be another update until rollcage comes and battery is relocated and cold air feed flowing through headlight, ps got rid of the stupid green shit off the engine cover!!!!84062844a0e9589b65510588a9c4d65b.jpg

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Looking good mate,

I'd like to see where this gose,

And progress made.

Not may VR6 root superchargers out there.

Quite a few differences between twin screw chargers, root chargers, and the more commonly used centrifugal chargers.

Battery in boot in simple.

Any 2, 1 or 0 guage wire will work fine as a long power wire. High end audio amp wire will work fine, or BMW wires as said before.

Also put a 100amp fuse in there. Can use audio fuse holder, with correct 100amp fuse inside.

Washer bottle can be removed, so long as you have a platic bottle in the cabin with water or screen wash in it, and a label on it saying screen wash. Tell them you lean out the window and spray it on screen. I'd use one of the pull up sport type lids.

This is only for M.O.T, or police stops, if they spot it.

You can also get washer bottle bags. Which take up much less room and you could relocate to the rain tray if wanted.

I've just finished charging mine, and use bigger injectors and different spark plugs.

After quite a lot of fiddling, different fuel regulators, an lots of vag-com data logging.

Only way I could get it running as sweet as I wanted, was to get the ECU re-mapped.

I went to Stealth Racing, and they did a brilliant job, car runs sweetest it's ever ran. And moves like a beast!

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