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  1. 07493483616 give me a call or txt if you want them. I'm in ls7 @jamiebarr thanks
  2. Still for sale and collection only please. Thanks carter
  3. Right guys quick update: nothing has changed from last time lol The car is sorn and is in the garage to hibernate. It doesn't make sense driving the car in this weather, the underbody is immaculate I have brand new coilovers exhaust bushings etc done so the last thing I want is water or salt touching the body. I never drive it when it's wet with the idea of preserving it. I think the plans for next year are take it back to stock and somewhat restore it. So a list of things wanting to do will be: 1. Remove wrap and get the
  4. Hi @jtrott1977 yes they are, Thanks Carter
  5. right guys just a quick update about the mobile wrapping service i wanted to start, has officially started. no website as of yet only word of mouth, but a website will be coming as well as an instagram. few details about it: the mobile service is within a 20 mile radius to leeds anything outside this will incur an extra charge the only request from a customer is electric for my heat gun prices start from £110 for gloss black roofs - the cost is determined on size and colour and effect of the wrap i.e. matte black, carbon fibre, satin black, brushed aluminium
  6. thanks a lot mate yeh i know about the courses but i think ill do tha once i have my own unit and start wrapping full cars but for now im going to start of quite small. i do agree though shiny cars cannot be beaten lol i just did this for the time being
  7. thanks for the comments guys @Marneus thanks and i did it myself, ive wrapped a few cars for my mates but only mates as i dont have anywhere for the public as yet... im hoping to start a mobile wrapping company but for small jobs like roofs wing mirros diffusers grills etc and work my way up to garage and full cars. all the work you see was done by me apart from the window tints. but i only wrapped the VR as like you i sorted the rust out and want to save to respray it, so just had some spare vinyl laying around.
  8. hi guys so im Carter from leeds, i have owned 4 mk3 vr6's.. the first being a black 3 door the second a red 3 door as you may have seen on youtube the third a dragon green 5 door and forth a rear grey 3 door highline, as well as many other cars but always kept going back for more with the VR's, i guess it was a car that was cheap and fun and you got a lot of bang for your buck, as the saying goes... the 3 main things that attracted me the most was 1. price 2. the noise and 3. shape... however being younger i bought them had fun in them and sold them for quick few pennies and that was tha
  9. Thanks for the reply. Could you just run me down on what you did to run the new ignition live wire, like from where to where and what you used.... many thanks
  10. hi guys need some help put a new stereo in eveyrthing was fine been tested and playing while i work on the car however one day it just cut out no power at all. checked the stereo fuse its working and even tried the stereo in another one of mine cars and it works perfect. checked number 22 radio fuse and thats ok swapped with a fuse which is working and still no power to the stereo or cigarette lighter which is both linked. any ideas on what to do and check next? thanks in advanced
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