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Man after driving the VR on sunday its so much more involving than the A3, in that it really just drives to your destination, in the VR you do a whole lot more driving, its much more fun. Old skool.

My central locking pump has been sounding like it was slowly dying a death for quite some time now. It would moan and groan on every time I would unlock the car, only unlocking, locking was fine. I ch

Yes mostly expensive downs, look on the bright side, when you've replaced everything it'll be pretty much a brand new car as a sum of it's parts, then hopefully a good few years of trouble free (ish)

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This season my car has mostly been wearing, a silver pac-a-mac, I gave it a good wash and put its pyjamas on, and is mostly totally dead, took the battery out so I can easily charge it when it drains. I havent even looked under it for 4 weeks and probably wont until January.




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Well, with the wind the other day the Clarke cover was as much use as a sheet of kitchen roll, it didn't hold itself on at all.


So I've had to get another and wasn't going to get another Clarke, as its proved it isn't very weatherproof, I looked about and went for a halfords advanced cover this time, its breathable, the inside feels a bit softer and the best bit is it has 3 straps with buckles like on a kiddie seat on a shopping trolley, the 2 each end match up to the wheels and the middle is, er, in the middle. I've threaded the end ones through the wheel spokes so it cant migrate too much. It will hopefully live up to how sturdy it feels it will stay in place.




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I will highly recommend the halfords advanced cover if covering your car up and it lives outside, the 3 strong straps and buckles laughed in the face of the wind and rain, the Clarke one lasted ok in summer but did get a tear in it where the elasticated edge was stitched on in a summer breeze. The halfords one also feels softer inside. To summarise, I still wish I just had a garage.

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I would highly recommend Hamilton group - moltex outdoor car cover

it's one of the only one i have found that doesn't scratch your car.

but it not cheap. they start from £150 and go up to about £300

one for my mk3 was about £165. but it's worth every penny!

they really are top quality, and don't scratch the car, if it's clean when put on.



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