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  1. Not been on here for a while. Been having a few dramas at home. Anyway, as a result it's looking like I may have to part with the VR. I really REALLY don't want to. But I've had the plate valued at £600 by about half a dozen specialists. So i f anyone on here wants the plate, it's for sale for £500, or if someone wants the car with the plate, first decent offer takes it..... I'm absolutely gutted to be honest but needs must. I'm doing everything I can to avoid selling up but if I have to Id rather it went to someone on here so I know it's gone to a good home
  2. Lukey wins! In for an intake manifold flap fault......
  3. Soooooo, last Saturday two important things happened with the VR. Firstly, having never driven the car, it's first journey was a 120 mile round trip to Vosa for the VIC Check. It performed perfectly, you'd never know it hadn't been driven since it was written off in March. Anyway, it passed! On the way this happened: Then things went a bit Pete Tong.... On the drive back I kept getting shooting pains in my stomach. I thought nothing of it and went to work. It got worse throughout the day, so I went home and had some painkillers. On the Sunday morning I collapsed at home and was taken to h
  4. Over the years since I passed my driving test I've had approximately 50 VW's, with every engine going, except a VR6, despite always wanting one. The first proper project build I did was this: Built from a bare shell in about 1999, with a 2.0 8v with loads of uprated bits. It made 167bhp, which was really quick in its day (probably used more fuel than a VR though!) Since then I've had a few MK3's, loads of MK2's Corrados, a bullnose Passat, to name a few. Anyway, fast forward a few years, and I now have a house, Mrs , and kids. About a year ago I got offered my dream job as a technician at PS
  5. my nearly finished project. Bought as damaged salvage, really well looked after, did it used to belong to anyone on here?
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