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  1. Candy VR

    What's the process of the cleaning stage then is that just a steam clean? and the rust treatment is that just used everywhere or on just light surface rust patches? did you need any welding done prior to this? I do fear the mess apparently its the smell too. might upset the neighbours.
  2. Candy VR

    How much would something like that normally cost and is it a bodywork shop that normally provide that service? I want to do my mk3 but I have bought all the stuff myself minus a steam cleaner.
  3. Candy VR

    So nice seeing the under seal on this looks spot on! I'm not sure on the issues your having though good luck.
  4. any planned shows for 2018

    Also interested...
  5. mk3 vr6 golf

    When we're the plugs last changed?
  6. Newbie from Devon

    Hey there I also have a mystic blue one 5 door any pics?
  7. Hey fellow Vr6 owners Does anyone know of any decent automotive welders in the west yorkshire area that would help weld up my mk3? Cheers Ben
  8. Highline Reborn

    That doesn't matter mine has just turned into a sorry state its fairly rotten as i changed the suspension the other day Pics are always good to look back on anyway.
  9. Highline Reborn

    Not a problem any pictures of the beast?
  10. Highline Reborn

    Need to rule out fuel and ignition make sure your getting sparks from the plugs first.
  11. MK4 V6 4Motion Turbo Build

    Love it thanks for sharing and keep going
  12. Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

  13. So he buys a golf vr6 4mo

    Keep going at it. it will be a fun car when sorting the niggles out
  14. Vr6 turning over but not starting

    Thanks for your reply dude I have managed to get her going it was the battery. I was in the same mind set as you were saying spark fuel air etc. Not enough juice in the battery, went and got her a new one today for £55 started straight away. Those HT leads are a bugger to pop on I have bought a tool off ebay to help i used the plastic one but after a few attempts it broke. Thanks again.
  15. Good evening, This is one of my first posts and I need some advice or an answer if anyone knows. I have recently acquired a vr6 mk3 ob2 97 I'm a complete novice with the vr6 so I'm only a newbie. So I thought best service the car done the oil and filter let it have a good run (ran spot on) and I have gone to do the plugs a week later. Now I changed all the plugs but in the process snapped a HT lead they are very tattered to start with. So I ordered a new set 8mm ones replaced just the one lead that was broken to test but the car won't start but does turn over. The car has sat a week or two before replacing the lead. So I have now removed all the new plugs and checked them, all OK and they all smell of petrol as expected. Fitted them back and also replaced all the leads for the new set. Still won't start. I'm suspecting the battery at the minute as when the car tries to start the dash lights dim and the battery light also dims. The oil light however blinks on and off. This slightly concerns me. I's this normal when the battery acts up or is there something daft I'm missing. It must be me playing with the ignition or the fact the car has sat and the battery has gone flat. I tried jumping it but not for long didn't give it enough time to charge really as I didn't have enough time. Any help would be appreciated. Love the noise these things make carnt wait to hear it again. Thanks