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  1. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    so now even less progress with golf! i put no2 through the block on the mx5. bought used engine yesterday and will order forged internals over the winter. so much for boosting my vr6.
  2. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    Thanks matey, i've pulled the files you've kindly made available. i'm also using MPPS, think its version 16 though. Looking at the ignition and knock stuff, am i right in thinking there are multiple maps for each coil or something ? Also, is it possible to "fudge" the ME7 with 4motion to make the haldex perform differently or is that the job for a seperate controller/hardware plug? Things are a bit slow on the golf front at the moment, I added some more power to the MX5 tune and killed 4th gear so need to get that sorted before i can move to another project, I plan to make a bmw transmission fit so it'll take more power that the motor can easily provide, sadly there is nothing off the shelf so i have to make everything!.
  3. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    Its the correct file 032bg0004... http://www.themininut.com/tmp/WinOLS(bde0004).ols you can check properties still trying to get my head around winols but getting much more familiar with it. i still have some time to go before i drop anything on the motor so time to learn. Also, i have zero issue with paying someone to help me get this done so i can make tweeks myself later when i add more. Thanks for all this RBPE, really appreciated and refreshing to find someone that helps!
  4. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    I managed to pull all the maps from TunerPro into winols using my BDE file and it looks like the axis data works fine there for those 6 map addresses. not sure why its showing off so much in TunerPro.
  5. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    So I’ve been reading the s4 wiki and can see what I need to do… Spend some time in "MLHFM" closed loop “1 lambda stoichiometric” and adjust MAF scaling based on STFT for MAF tube change. Although this may be unnecessary if I increase the injector size based on the increase in MAF tube area over the existing? I can't find MLHFM, is this specific to S4? Adjust KFMIOP and increase “load limit” KFMIOP 11x16 Adjust LAMFAW for requested AFR to increase fuel on boost condition KFLAFWL 6x8 KFLAMKRL 6x6 KFLAMKR 6x6 DLAMTANS 4x1 Adjust KFZW for timing to reduce on boost condition, starting at a conservative number and then increase over many iterations! KFMIOP 11x16 KFZWOPA2 11x16 KFZWOPA 11x16 KFZWOP2 11x16 KFZWOP 11x16 Since the BDE has VVT on both cams, adjust KFNW and reduce the overlap during on boost condition. KFNWWUA 16x18 KFNWWUE 16x18 So the question is now where do I find these maps in my binary and which ones to edit from the multiples listed lol ! Have i missed anything?
  6. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    I'll read up on KFMIOP/KFMIRL and LDRXN and see what i can learn is it not possible on bde to use me7logger? I plan on a gt35, 630cc injectors, 355 pump, 4" maf and a big intercooler. I've already added a decompression plate, will make an exhaust and pretty much everything else myself. I want to make sure i can tune it myself before i move forward. I don't want stand alone because it won't talk to Haldex and i will lose the OE feel. my target is circa 500whp, not far off my mx5 but with awd and a little weight.
  7. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    Sounds like there isn't a simple way to FI by just rescaling the axis values to include more MAF/load then add additional fuel and timing to the fuel and ignition tables for the extra values. looks like its going to be much tougher than i though. I calibrated using ECUTEK on my 2.5 turbo NC MX5, i have it around 400whp right now on 1 bar, that needed some work to get there but sounds like it was a walk in the park compared to FI on vr6!!
  8. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    understand most of that, just the axis scaling i'm not sure about, i watched some winols training and in that it said that the axis scale is at the beginning of the map data, not same in this case? how would you rescale say a load axis for fueling ?
  9. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    I think mine is a revision 4... http://www.themininut.com/tmp/022906032BG0004.Bin straight from my ecu, lifted with MPPS
  10. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    I got it working, used another version of winrar how far off the stock bde file is your xdf in this example? i plugged in my bde and its quite a bit "off" scales for some for some of the 5 are way off kilter!
  11. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    thanks, interested for sure. can't open the rar file though after download.
  12. Car is a 2002 2.8 vr6 golf 24v 4motion, I've had slight misfire since i bought the car a few months ago, its more apparent on cold start at 1100-1300rpms. the water pump failed and headgasket went a while back so i've replaced those and put a head spacer plate after reconditioning the head (head was also pressure tested ok). But it still has the misfire, 3 coils are new and are on 2,4 and 6, spark plugs are also new. I took plugs out today to see how they looked after a few hundred miles and found this... looks like 2,4 and 6 are more sooty than 1,3 and 5. what could cause this? clearly its running a little rich on those or its not getting as much air, filter is pipercross and been cleaned. do i have fuel rail / regulator issue? Can't work it out!!
  13. mininut

  14. So he buys a golf vr6 4mo

    Since a build i'm working on was taking longer than expected and it's my daily i bought a 2002 3 door Golf VR6 4Mo as a run around because they seem to be "reliable" 101k miles and clean with lots of service history suggested it had been looked after. Absolutely loved driving it home, till it started to misfire, COP #3 blew, changed it out with #2 to confirm and bought another COP, then COP #3 blew again! since the last plug change was at 82k! i bought some new to replace, when changing them it seemed that the last plug change was done by a complete novice although the history says it was done by a VAG garage! i could remove the plugs using just an extension without a ratchet, the plugs hadn't even been seated or torqued, loads of blowby around the plugs too. That seemed to have fixed the main misfire for now although there is still a little misfire at around 1100rpm ( should have done a compression test while doing the plugs but didn't notice then ) Then a week or so later, i notice coolant is down! so i top it up and next day its down again after a short trip. Water pump seems gone with a small puddle on the shit shield under it. So this weekends work is to try and get my other car out of the garage to get the "reliable" car in so i can change out the water pump and tensioner!! Never had VAG before... The other car... https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=635403&page=3 It should be done in the next couple of weeks ?!, the plan is then to add a decompression plate, gt40 and some boost to the golf when my daily becomes my daily again. I'll create a build thread then.