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  1. Good morning Guys, I know there is a ton of information on here and I have been reading up various turbo threads etc for a while in anticipation for turboing my mk3 vr6. I am currently at the stage of gathering up the parts for the conversion and I was wanting to pick the brains of you guys for the best turbo unit to use. I am looking at going to around 350hp max at this stage as I don't want anything too savage at the moment but then boost can be addictive. I have read various posts over various forums for which turbo is best for my requirements. I know Stealth use the T04S on the conversion with Garrett internals fitted but then I've seen T60-1 mentions, T3/T4 T04E, GT30 and GT35R. Please let me know what turbo's you guys are running and which would be the best option. So far I have a SPA exhaust manifold and 35mm Wastegate, I know the waste gate is a little on the small side and others recommend 38mm but the wastegate came with the manifold and SPA say it is good for 400hp which I doubt I will be going over. Also could someone recommend a recirc valve. There may be a few more questions as the build progresses. TIA Nick
  2. Starting Problem

    Hi Mawrick, I have a sensor on order which should hopefully be in today. I did think crank sensor initially as it only occurred when the car had been on a run. I have tested the resistance of the sensor and it is within spec but we shall see what happens with the new sensor once fitted.
  3. Starting Problem

    Thank you for the reply mawrick, I have seen your post whilst searching the Internet and it’s on the list of this that could be worth doing to avoid future issues. VR started perfectly fine this morning after being sat all weekend. When I got to work I checked the resistance of the blue temp sensor. Gauge at 90deg and I got a resistance reading of 223 ohms. Went to leave work at the end of the day and went to start the VR and nothing. It just cranks and cranks and every so often it attempts to start but no life in the old girl. I forgot to take another reading of the BTS but when I tested it yesterday on a cold engine the reading was within the specs I have found during my research.
  4. Hi guys I hope some of you kind people can help with my issue. i have a mk3 vr6 which started to have warm/hot start problems where it would turn over for a long period before catching. When it finally catches it idles around 200rpm and bogging down when you give it a touch of the throttle but will eventually clear its throat so to speak and idle ok. it has now started to do it every now and again from a cold start but with a load of grey smoke. the last couple of days the idle has been high at around 1800rpm almost like the throttle is slightly stuck open. Will eventually sort itself out and idle around 850-900 rpm. i am new to the vr6 engine but have experience with mk2, mk3 and mk4 engines. I am just looking for a few pointers or previous experiences of the above issues. cheers Nick
  5. I have the Mauritius blue dash and trims in my MK3 Golf, I cannot find any information about it and theres very limited parts that come up when searching the web. Just wondering if this colour dashboard etc is one of those "RARE" optional extras or if its worth anything at all as I am currently in the process of swapping over to a black dash as the previous owner has changed the A, B & C pillars to black. Nick
  6. Newbie from Devon

    Hi guys and girls, Just a quick hello from a new member from Devon, been on here for a while and not new to the VW brand as I have had a fair few but this is my first VR6. Currently have a 1995 VR6 in Mystic Blue which may not be new to the forum as I think the previous owner was a member. Great site and a lot of good information around. Nick
  7. NickHVR