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  1. Rods

    Hi all can you please inform me how many hp can the stock conrods take?
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    Yes 2 of them they are 38mm, the boost is 0.8 bar.
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    There's no more belts left because it keeps on snapping the belts.Last week I took it to the dyno to see whats the cause of the problem and i saw when I released on the throttle the belt snaps so I don't know if there is to much air in the boost pipe so that it brakes the impeller of the sc and therefore its snapping the belt. I've made new pulleys so that I can get more boost out of it so I don't know if the pulleys is causing the problem that the belt brakes. About the oil breather you just replace the breather screw with a nipple screw then you put the breather pipe on it and then to the catch can. Other than that car is running fine. Just want to turbo it to get more hp.
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    Hi guys new to forum. I have a golf 3 vr6 1998 have it now for 3 years, and I have a ruf supercharger on it but it's giving me problems so want to turbo it.