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  1. Hi how much would you charge me for a turbo file? The engine I'm building has a 2mm spacer, forged rods and a gt35/82. How can I contact you outside of this forum?
  2. Hi McCann go with a G4 4mo. You will have fun driving it and adding lots of power won't be an issue. I suggest forced induction while you have the motor stripped.
  3. How about the temperature sensor on the thermostat housing. That sends signal to the ecu as to the temp. That does cause issues on golf I have had.
  4. Flylow


    I have 1 so I understand the benefits.
  5. Flylow


    Hi Pete I have a very similar car same colour etc. Diff wheels though. Try the APR Haldex controller. There is much more flexibility using that unit.
  6. Is that AR for the compressor or exhaust. I have a 2.8 BDE and I was thinking a .63 exhaust and .70 on the compressor side or .83 with a gt35. What do you think?
  7. I will try to find out. I think the Gt 35 will be the 1 to go with though.
  8. The model no. is S400S010. I hope works.
  9. Thanks. I'm trying to figure out the size of the turbo as I know the gt's and their specs and the BW is new to me.
  10. Hi guys, will a Borg Warner S400 turbo work in my 2.8 vr6 turbo conversion?
  11. I'm in S.A. maybe the guys in the UK can help.
  12. Thanks for your response. Which company can map the ecu for a turbo map?
  13. Hi good peeps, I just turbo charging my 2.8 24v 4mo. Can I run the ignition and fuel with a stand alone as a piggy back bearing in mind the drive by wire, vvt and 4wd. The 4wd needs to be controlled by the oem ecu. The tps signal still needs to go to the ecu for the 4mo etc. The vvt need to be controlled by the stand alone ecu.
  14. I use the haldex controller from HPA. Awesome
  15. What does this do mate?
  16. The boot floor is higher on th 4mo due to the diff at the back. I would take a flyer and say 100mm to 150mm higher.
  17. I'm also looking but for a 2.8 24v vvt 4mo.
  18. Oh ok. That's the non but then?
  19. Try eBay. The R32 is basically the same engine as a vr6 2.8 24v vvt. The only difference is the bore and stroke as well as some head work.
  20. Hi check with HPA & 034motorsport. They have what you need
  21. The gearbox will work. The ecu is definitely different though. Why don't you use the ecu and harness from the toureg
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