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  1. Hi motorrob are you running boost and are you tracking the car or just Street use?
  2. How about the injectors. Maybe they need a service to get them spraying correctly.
  3. OK cool. I want to refresh the head and install high rev springs and retainers. That's quite costly where I live.
  4. What about offsetting the pin bush on the rods. That can give you about 1.5mm extra deck height.
  5. Yep but the pistons won't reach the deck height because the pistons are shorter from pin to crown. Check that out 1st. The R32 crank stroke is longer and the rods are the same length for both engines therefore the crown height on the pistons should be shorter on the R32. So if you use a 2.8 crank the pistons won't reach they deck height. It would have low comp. Maybe you can turbocharge then.
  6. The R32 crank has a longer stroke. So you need that to complete the bottom end or get longer rods but then it won't be 3.2
  7. Can you guys post a pic on this plug. I want to service the Haldex on my G4 4mo as well.
  8. Your car looks very nice. I wish I was in Europe to modify my vr6 4motion. I am battling to get mine turbocharged.
  9. Hi mate. You best option is to import a doner Golf 3 vr6 that's being broken up for spares from the UK or import the parts from there. I've done that here in SA.
  10. Hi peeps, I want to buy a short runner intake for a 24v vr6. I don't mind second hand. I'm in South Africa BTW. Thx, Bruce
  11. I also think a bov would help. With out a bov turbo impellers also suffer. Also check the profile of the new pulley's teeth.
  12. Hi peeps, I bought a 2001 g4 2.8 24v 4mo. She had teething problems as the previous owner didn't care for her properly.
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