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  1. The VR6 is a highly respected car here in South Africa all over on our roads.. As a VR6 owner you are respected especially in the townships.. I'm a White VR6 owner in South Africa. The Nickname for a VR6 is "VURA" here. This music Video is all about the "VURA" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mYvJvoS0GYQ/URL]
  2. Just want to share this music Video. The VR6 is a highly respected car in South Africa especially in the townships! The Nickname for a VR6 in South Africa is "Vura" As a VR6 owner in SA you will get respect no matter where you are on South Africa roads..
  3. I've got a cone filter on my Vento VR6 and the free flo exhaust tone still overpowering my cone filter.. My VR6 is throwing the notes from both sides
  4. Thanks Erol! I'm Pretoria.. Was a lot of polishing to get the Fat Fives shine like this ☺ Would like to see a picture of your Vura with the Fat Fives on! Can What'sapp me some pics to 0712486090 if you don't mind?
  5. I'm using the android app, but as soon as I open my Gallery the pics I want to select is faded and can't select them
  6. Great looking Vura [emoji41] I still try to figure out how to upload a picture [emoji23]
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