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  1. Hi there. Anyone got a set of or parts of the jetta/golf mk3 bottom plastic sills? Here in south africa those are like gold and impossible to find.
  2. Just double check that number. Nothing showing up on WhatsApp. Or send me a message on 0712654079
  3. Lovely stuff!! I'm in pietermaritzburg. Trying to get my TT rims looking like that 2[emoji21]
  4. Lol im having the same issue. I can only upload a pic by opening a new thread. Go to your gallery and open the pic you would like to upload. Click on share and select the vr6 oc app
  5. Hi there. Just wanted to find out from people with experience in N/A mods for the vr6. Iv got a mk3 golf 2.8 12v vr6. Want to do a few upgrades to get the max out the motor without changing or fiddling with the ECU.. as we all know the vr6 is abit sluggish on the bottom end when left standard... thanks
  6. errol

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    I have but it's the adroid version and abit different to the one you have there on you iPhone. On mine it shows a small paperclip to upload an attachment. But when going through my gallery I can't select any pics. All shaded in white thus I can't select them...
  7. errol

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    Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics here but I own a white mk3 vr6 4 door. stock.. just small upgrades here n there
  8. Howsit gents. Greetings from south africa... I'm a new member here
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