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  1. Marc Bendelow

    Marc Bendelow

  2. I will do at some point yes mate. Probably not until weekend though. Will get it done as soon as. Since posting ive topped up the coolant, this was completely dry tbh. Can't see any leaks so worried about where that's gone
  3. Brought my mk2 vr6 out today for its weekly run. Car ran very rough for most of the short journey, spluttering and popping a lot. Car lost all power and stopped once once and felt like it was holding itself back while trying to accerlerate. Coolant light cane came on flashing at once point and now hasn't gone off. Will top up my coolant when I get a chance from work. abything else to try/look at. Will be ordering new plugs this week anyway. New ht leads to come soon too.
  4. Hopefully it will be finished by then ?
  5. Thanks ! The noise is incredible, can't get enough. Plans so far are, big audio build, New interior and Some good coilovers. Then some engine dress up changes, little bit too much white for me. and a freshen up of the plasitics and trim outside.
  6. It was yes, owned by Rob Kelly. I bought it from him a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Hi all, Picked up a mk2 vr6 this week as a show car build for next year. My first vr6 and first classic car. Loving it so far. Car has already had some pretty extensive work but quite a lot I'll be changing for myself. Spec is, '91 Mk2 Golf GTI VR6 Swap Ported+Polished Head Cams (unsure of spec as of yet) Raceland manifold BMC intake Shaved Bay Straight Through exhaust Half show cage Bassmechanix boot build Genesis Amps Rockford fosgate sub Few issues with some
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