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  1. Just Take to any VW Dealership the Have A to Z on this Cars if u take any Joe Blogger will Destroy the car , My Advice !
  2. Hi Am search for central looking pump plus side driver Door and Wing same side . Please !
  3. my one got vr6 -2.8 too i spoken to vw dealer in my area told from 1992 to 1995 they are DOHC , From 1996 to 1998 2.8 vr6 Edition .
  4. these are the Proper ones Like .2.8 VR6 They are Original ,DOHC too are the same level !
  5. mate i need your central locking pump Please ! thanks C J
  6. my opinion i spend good Money on Eibach Set , the Best Thing i Did on my Life ,
  7. to far my too ! there very Good But ????
  8. happen with I same Thing i will take to Local VW garage to sort out !
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